Mrs Keating

I am writing on behalf of the Church Council to say how pleased we all are with our new windows and doors. They have made the whole place much lighter and brighter, and are much admired by all who visit our church.
We would like to express our thanks for the professional way in which you carried out the work, for your helpfulness and flexibility and eagerness to give us 120% in every area of service, even to the point of doing additional work in order to make the finished job more attractive/more efficient. We appreciate the way you worked with our Architect to this effect and are so grateful that you made what could have been a very stressful experience into an exciting one!
We belong to a circuit of churches where we are compiling a list of recommended companies to do work in other parts of Bradford where we have churches. So, in future, if anyone within our circuit needs any double glazing, they will go to that list and find Coral Windows, a reputable company which is trusted, and recommended by us.
Thank you once more for transforming our church – you have given us much pleasure and renewed pride in our building.