Best Door Options for Improved Functionality for Your Home

Coral Windows and Conservatories offer an array of doors for your home. The uPVC doors we supply and install for homeowners in Yorkshire offer improved functionality and thermal efficiency to their properties, whilst also offering a tailored and customisable style.

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This article will discuss how the doors we offer here at Coral Windows can improve and enhance the functionality and performance of your home.

uPVC Stable Doors

Black stable door

Stable doors offer an enhanced level of functionality due to their unique design concept. Stable doors are a traditional farm-house style entryway which boasts improved ventilation and a more expansive entryway for natural light. However, our stable doors are made from uPVC, which, compared to traditional timber, provides enhanced thermal performance. Traditional timber stable doors may be affected by adverse weather conditions such as snow or excessive heat, as timber tends to be highly reactive to dampness or heat. Our uPVC stable doors do not cause the same concern, as uPVC is much more durable. This also has a positive impact on homeowners’ energy bills, as uPVC provides enhanced thermal efficiency, preventing warm air from escaping the property and cold air from entering.

The security provided with stable doors is also a great benefit of investing in our stable doors. Our stable doors are anti-crowbar, so intruders will not be able to enter your property with conventional methods of force. Not only do we want to ensure your property is safe and secure from intruders, but also that your family is kept safe. Stable doors open in two parts, so you can keep your young children safe within your property whilst also allowing for additional ventilation and improved airflow through your home.

Also, our uPVC stable doors can be paired with any of our windows for matching aesthetics throughout your home. Whether you are looking at pairing a uPVC stable door with tilt and turn window, offering improved functionality and modern flair within your property, or pairing your new stable door with uPVC Georgian windows for a traditional look, we have the perfect products for your home improvement upgrades.

Bifold Doors

Modern home with bifold doors and sofa

Bifold doors offer a fresh and modern elegance to your home. If you are looking for improved accessibility and functionality within your home, bifold doors are the perfect addition for you. Bifold doors offer a vast, uninterrupted viewpoint from your home, which also aids in improving the ventilation and airflow within the property.

Bifold doors also boast improved functionality in a variety of ways. Opening in a concertina fashion means that minimal space is used when the door is open, and you can make the most of the internal space within your property without the worry of being able to open the door fully. They can also be fitted with low thresholds for improved access for wheelchair users.

These bifold doors are also incredibly low maintenance, perfect for busy households. Due to the hybrid design and manufacturing of our uPVC bifold doors, they can be kept looking fresh and new for the long term with a simple wipe-over with a damp cloth and soapy water.

We also offer aluminium bifold doors, perfect for security aware homeowners, as aluminium is renowned for its secure and robust build structure, and they are fitted with multipoint locking systems for improved protection against forced entry.

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uPVC French Doors

French doors with grey frames and decking
French doors are perfect for homeowners looking for a classic look. However, despite their traditional look, the French doors we install here at Coral Windows perform much better than traditional timber doors may. uPVC is perfect for weatherproofing your home from adverse conditions, as it does not crack, rot or warp in poor weather conditions and is much more secure than traditional timber.

Our French doors are fitted with multipoint locking systems for improved security, whilst also being secured with locks provided to use by Guardian and Ultion, so you can confidently choose our French doors with the knowledge that your home will be kept secure.

French doors also allow you to open your home to nature, making your home more accessible and allowing an abundance of natural light into the property.

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uPVC Patio Doors

French doors with kitchen table
uPVC patio doors from Coral Windows offer a range of benefits, including improved functionality due to being much smoother to operate than traditional timber, and enhanced space and light within your property.

Your home will also benefit from enhanced energy efficiency due to the uPVC frame, which will not be affected by adverse weather conditions, and our patio doors are also fitted with double glazing for further thermal and energy efficiency.

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