upvc stable doors

uPVC Stable Doors

Stable doors or Barn doors are a unique, traditional door for homes in Yorkshire and the surrounding areas. These doors have two sections you can open individually or together, making them an excellent option for ventilation. Contact us for a free quote! You can also visit us at one of our showrooms in Bradford, Leeds, Wakefield and Huddersfield.

Stable Doors Fitted in Yorkshire

When you invest in stable doors, you'll be investing in a multi-functional door for your Yorkshire home. Their unique operation opens up your home to a lot of new possibilities. For example, on warm nights, you can open the top section to let fresh air into your home without opening the door completely, keeping your home secure. These designs replicate traditional stable doors, but with more advanced materials.

Because of this, these doors are a cut above older designs. You can fit stable doors with a durable uPVC finish, which you can style in multiple RAL colours or finishes, including woodgrain. As a result, your new barn door will be lightweight, efficient and it'll have a smoother operation for longer. uPVC can protect the internal hinges in stable doors from rust and wear, meaning you can open each section with ease.

Stable doors are ideal options if you live in a period property, a cottage, or out in the countryside. They are a classic and charming alternative to standard back doors, opening your home up to your garden in a unique way that brings nature closer to you. Also, for even more accessibility, you can install them with a low-threshold options, meaning wheelchair users will be able to use your door too.

uPVC Stable Doors Yorkshire

Home Security

We know that your doors will be the most likely area intruders will target to break into your home. That's why our stable doors make it a nightmare for them. Your uPVC frame will be much stronger than wood, and it'll be 70mm thick as well. Not only that, but stable doors are also anti-crowbar too, for even more security. You can also open the top section to ventilate your home with the door shut.


Versatile Design

You can open your stable doors in two ways, giving you more ways to use your doors to benefit your living space. By opening the top section alone, you can add more natural light and warmth into your Yorkshire living space in the summer, making your whole home feel more welcoming. However, in the winter, you can close the doors and get superb insulation from the durable uPVC frame.

Thermal Efficiency

With their advanced uPVC profile, your stable doors will be energy efficient. uPVC has outstanding insulation, meaning it'll trap more of your home's heat and prevent cold air from getting into your Yorkshire home too. Also, you can add double glazing to the top section which works to insulate your home as well. As a result, you can stay comfortable in your home while using far less energy.

white upvc stable doors

Fresh Ventilation

Stable doors are an ideal option for summer. That's because you can open the top section to ventilate your home, providing plenty of fresh air and stopping your home from becoming too hot.

Also, as a back door, it provides a beautiful gateway to your garden, making you feel a bit closer to nature. If you invest in the colder months, you can also save money on the build and get it in time for summer.

Unique two section opening for versatility
Advanced uPVC profile with terrific insulation
Option to ventilate your home with the door shut
Classic look ideal for traditional homes and cottages

Stable Doors Brochure

Colour Options

If you want to add a splash of colour to stable doors, then the options are at your fingertips. With Coral, you can customise your doors with a range of colours and finishes you won't find anywhere else. Thanks to their classic design, you could add a woodgrain finish to create a door that has timeless appeal.

Anthracite Grey coral
Black Ash coral
Chartwell Green coral
Cream coral
Golden Oak coral
Irish Oak coral
Nut Tree coral
Rosewood coral
White Grain

Glass Options

In stable doors, you'll get a full top half that features glazing. Because of this, it's crucial to make sure it'll work to protect and insulate your home. With double and triple glazing available, you'll have no problem saving energy. Also, with tints, patterns and unique designs, you'll be able to make it stand out too.

coral Arctic
coral Chantilly
coral Charcoal Stick
coral Contora
coral Cotswold
coral Digital
coral Everglade
coral Flemish
coral Florielle
coral Mayflower
coral Minister
coral Oak
coral Pelerine
coral Stippolyte
coral Sycamore
coral Taffeta

Stable Door Prices, Yorkshire

Choose Coral to add stunning stable doors to your Yorkshire home. You can find our online contact form below and fill it out today to request a free quote or book an appointment. You’ll be able to get in touch with our team quickly, and they’ll give you a price based on your specifications that will always be fair and competitive.

If you want to see how our stable door works before you invest, we have four local Yorkshire showrooms in Bradford, Leeds, Huddersfield and Wakefield.

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Why Choose Coral Windows?

When you work with Coral, you can work with a company who values your home as much as you do. We always strive to put you first, and we make transforming homes across Yorkshire our goal. We're a family-run business with family values, meaning we'll install stable doors in your home that you and your family can enjoy. They'll have superb build quality, and we'll install them precisely as well.

With Coral, you won't have to worry if your doors should start to play up either. If your stable doors begin to creak, wear down or you accidentally damage them, then give us a call. We offer an aftercare service on all of our products so we can continue to help you out long after you've got stable doors from us. As a result, you can make an investment that benefits you for a lifetime.

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