Creating a spring atmosphere with flowers

Chilly, frosty mornings are still here but spring is definitely starting to show, little new shoots bursting through the muddy ground, tiny buds forming on the trees and the warmth of spring sunshine is beginning to linger longer into the evening light. This is a time to feel renewed, to embrace the start of the longer days that can be enjoyed with family and friends after work, and what better way to immerse yourself into the fresh new feelings than filling your home with a spring atmosphere to welcome you after a busy day.

Lighter mornings and evenings have a positive effect on our daily routines and so combining this with an aesthetically pleasing environment to arrive home to can only have a positive effect on our health and wellbeing. Spring creates the perfect time to refresh the home in lots of ways – so embrace the change in season and follow these ideas to help brighten up your day.

Spring Clean
Giving your home a clean will instantly lift the atmosphere within. Start with the windows and doors as sparkling glazing will instantly enhance the light entering your home creating an uplifting light space. Give all surfaces a good dusting as sunlight streaming through will show up the dust on any surface. Remove dust from floors and stairways that may have built up over the winter months and don’t forget to give rugs a freshen up too. Spring is the perfect time to give cushion covers and throws a wash but remember to follow washing guidelines carefully.

After your home has been cleaned adding flowers will create an instant spring feeling that will provide many benefits as you come and go throughout a day. Entering a home full of spring flowers after a busy day instantly makes you smile, the vibrant spring colours and scent can have an instant effect on enhancing mood and wellbeing.

Tulips, Daffodils, Hyacinth, Freesia, and Iris are instantly recognisable as spring blooms that work well in floral displays within the home. Bluebells, Snowdrops, Crocus and Alliums are also nice to incorporate into displays but may be harder to find. Flowers don’t have to be purchased they could be free from your garden or a family member’s, just be sure to ask permission before you go snipping away for your display. Don’t forget flowers have different meanings depending on their colour so this may be something you would like to consider when creating your relaxing atmosphere.

When it comes to displaying your flowers you can be as creative as you like, whether it’s a formal display in an expensive vase or a hand-picked bunch of daffodils from your garden that is displayed in an old jam jar it really doesn’t matter so long as it’s perfect for you and your family. When creating a display think about varying the height of flowers in the chosen spot and think about the aesthetics of the display. A vase of flowers looks great in the centre of a large dining table but on a coffee table, you could place three small vases of differing heights creating a focal point.

Caring for your flowers

Many flowers you purchase these days come with a sachet of plant food you add into the water to help look after your blooms. Whether your flowers are from a shop or a garden use fresh water and change it after a few days. If the water has plant food in and isn’t murky you can top up the water and change at a later time.

Snip flower stems at the bottom and remove any leaves that will sit below the water line as this will help to keep the water clean.

Whatever blooms you choose for your spring atmosphere, enjoy creating a positive fresh feeling for your home and embrace the beauty of spring.

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