How double glazing benefits your home

How double glazing benefits your home

Double glazing is standard among new homes, and homeowners with older properties tend to replace old windows with uPVC double glazed options when they can. But have you ever stopped to consider just how double glazing can benefit your home? There are all sorts of positive outcomes from quality double glazing – read on to find out more.

Stay warm

Double glazing can go a long way towards keeping your home warm. A lot of heat can be lost through windows, so preventing this means you can turn the radiators down and not have to curl up under three duvets at night! The A-rated glass and the vacuum between the two panes allow the light and heat in but stops it from escaping. This, plus the sealed units to prevent draughts, means your home could be a lot warmer with new double glazing.

Save money and carbon

Because your home is warmer and you can therefore turn the thermostat down or have the heating on less, you will be using less energy. And this means lower heating bills.
Lower energy use also means you will lower your carbon footprint and help the planet. When everyone has double glazing and uses less energy these savings add up to a considerable reduction in fossil fuel use.

Keep the noise down

You might be pleasantly surprised at how much quieter your home is with double glazing. The windows insulate against noise, so if you live on a busy street you could be able to enjoy some peace and quiet.

Stay safe and secure

Double glazed uPVC windows are a great way to boost the security of your home and make you feel safe inside. The toughened glass can withstand a lot, from footballs to deliberate vandalism, and because there are two panes of glass this is an added barrier.
With quality locks and internal beading as well, opportunist burglars are often put off when they see double glazing.


When it is cold outside condensation can build up on windows as you heat the inside, and this can cause damp problems and damage wooden window frames.

Add value

Even if you have no intention of selling your home in the near future, double glazing can add long-term value to your property and represents a worthwhile investment.
As you can see there are all sorts of benefits to double glazing so if your current windows are not up to scratch you should look to new uPVC windows to help your home stay warm, quiet, secure and valuable.
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