Dressing your home for the festive season

As the weather changes and the winter nights draw in now is the perfect time to start thinking about how you may like to dress your home this festive season, if you haven’t done so already.

Sharing the excitement and love that the festivities bring is an important part of Christmas and watching young ones’ eyes light up in anticipation of all the delights and treats shared brings joy to many. So what could be more welcoming than a home that feels warm, cosy and embraces sharing time with loved ones this festive season?

Whatever the size or style of your home decorating it for Christmas should be fun and personal, with so many shops displaying vast arrays of decorations, garlands, and gifts it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming and put pressure on you to spend vast amounts of money. Creating a unique look for your home really doesn’t have to cost a fortune and involving the family and a sprinkling of creativity you will soon have a home that is welcoming to one and all.

When thinking about dressing your home think about the key welcoming moments, the front door, the windows, and the hallway all create a first impression for guests to feel welcomed and excited about sharing time together. When family and friends arrive sharing a welcoming drink by the tree will definitely help them to relax and embrace the festive sparkle. If dining or eating why not continue the festive details into these areas to carry on the wonder of Christmas wherever time is shared together. So once you have thought about the areas of your home to dress what about styles? Below you will find a few ideas to help inspire you.

One of the most beautiful ways to decorate your home is with natural elements such as seasonal fawner e.g. holly, mistletoe, twigs and pine cones. Involving the family by venturing out on a winter walk is a lovely way to spend time together while collecting items for your displays.

Remember to only ever collect fallen nature do not take cuttings from bushes and trees. Once home dry out your natural treasures on newspaper or an old tea towel, then once dry add a little sparkle to them by adding sprinkles of glitter or shimmery paint. Combine them with some inexpensive battery operated lights and cherished decorations and you will have wonderful dressings for your home that are full of treasured memories and cost very little.

Think reds, greens, and shimmering golds here and you will create a look that is classic and timeless. A glossy holly wreath hung on the front door, garlands draped around balustrades glistening with twinkling lights and a tree scattered with delightful shimmering baubles in golds and deep reds will create a look so classical it could be from a magical winter fairy tale.

Look to Scandinavian design to take inspiration for this festive look, using natural materials such as wood will help to create a look that is warm and tactile. Pair with white, cream, silver or gold and you will have a winter look that is simple, elegant, and chic. Add in white lights, sheepskin rugs and cosy mugs of welcoming hot chocolate and your guests will be transported to a Scandinavian winter escape.

Reminisce over your own childhood while sharing stories about cherished memories encapsulated in vintage decorations and gifts from years gone by. If you want to create a vintage look but are still in the process of forming your own collection ask a family member if they have any festive treasures they could lend you or let you keep and continue to love. Add new elements that enhance the old by adding in toys such as toy soldiers, nutcrackers, robots or even little toy dolls. Add in ribbons saved from previous years’ gifts or save some Christmas papers and make paper chains to decorate a dining area, Christmas crackers are a must at any vintage dining experience.

Colour theme
Choosing a favourite colour or the colours of a favourite sporting team, for example, is a great way to create a uniformed look throughout your seasonal displays. Add interest by using selected colours but in different tones such as light or dark and mix in varied textures such as glossy, matt or tactile qualities like glittered lines or patterns on baubles, this will help the look to have depth and create different focal points.

Enjoy dressing your home this festive season and remember Christmas wouldn’t be as special if it wasn’t shared, so welcome friends and family and create festive memories to cherish.

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