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Conservatories FAQs

Here are some key questions you may ask before buying a new conservatory

Q1. Will I require planning permission and how do I obtain this?

A) At Coral™ we employ an experienced town planner who will be able to decide if planning permission is required, if you request he will then obtain this on your behalf.

Q2. My garden is built on a slope and if I had a conservatory who would remove all the earth and build a retaining wall to protect the garden from subsidence? Will I require deep footings and who will decide this?

A) One of our trained surveyors will discuss your requirements and advise you what is needed. At Coral™ we believe what goes under the ground is as important as what we build on the surface. All our builders are fully experienced in all aspects of Building and Ground work which is inspected by The Federation of Master Builders.

Q3. When my new house was built just over two years ago it was built on piled foundations. Will my conservatory need to be piled?

A) Yes. At Coral™ we believe that the foundations need to be as substantial as your home and we will always pile foundations if required and have invested in our own piling machine which keeps the cost to you at a minimum.

Q4. My children are only young and I do not want them to live on a building site for weeks, the least disruption the better. How long will the conservatory roughly take to complete?

A) You will be advised firstly of a build date, this date refers to the date the builders will be on your site to commence the building work. Depending on the size this is usually completed within a week or two weeks on the larger projects. Once the builders have finished our installation team will arrive to install the frames and roof, usually on site no longer than a week. During the work being carried out you may be visited by either the electrician, plumber or plasterer who does the finishing touches but the overall time from start to finish is well under a month, sometimes in the week.

Q5. I live in a bungalow but do not want a lean to/Mediterranean conservatory. Can I have a roof that has a pitch?

A) Yes. Dependent upon the design of your bungalow the roof of the conservatory may need to be designed using a box gutter.

Q6. My house is south facing what glazing would you advise?

A) Opal or heat shield poly carbonate will reflect the heat keeping the internal temperature down and also reduces glare. If your choice is glass you will require glass with solar properties, i.e. active blue or neutral.

Q7. I would prefer my roof to be solid tiles to match my home. Will I require building regulations?

A) Yes. All solid roofs regardless of size require building regulations.

Q8. I live in a conservation area and I will need my conservatory to be cream. Do you manufacture cream uPVC?

A) At Coral™ we can manufacture your conservatory in a range of colours, cream being one of the new up and coming colours for the future.

Q9. My house was built many years ago but would still like the conservatory to match the best possible way. Can this be achieved?

A) We will always endeavour to match an existing building, a process we have successfully undertaken for many years, however due to the age of certain properties an exact match is not possible and the nearest brick is used.

Q10. I have heard that a deposit and stage payments are normal when purchasing a conservatory. Does this apply to Coral™?

A) NO. We will never request a deposit for a conservatory and do not take stage payments, whatever the cost. You only pay Coral™ when your conservatory is complete.

*This offer is only applicable when the goods are installed within 12 weeks of the order date.
**Interest free credit is not available on conservatory, porch, roofline or roof products.
**Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

See April 2020 offer T&Cs for full details.