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Doors FAQs

Here are some key questions you may ask before buying new doors

Q1 Does the door I am buying have the correct security features?

A) All Coral™ doors have fitted as standard high quality locking mechanisms, hinge and shoot bolts and for extra peace of mind cylinder guards.

Q2. At the moment I have a wooden door and it is painted blue outside, can this be replicated in uPVC?

A) Yes, our Porta Classique range of composite doors are available in a range of colours, blue being an option.

Q3. Our main entrance door is constantly used and I would like a door that is robust and can still look good after a few years, is this possible?

A) uPVC doors are very low in maintenance, high in resistance and at Coral™ you have the comfort in knowing that our guarantee on uPVC products is 15 years and 10 years on sealed units.

Q4. I am not sure what type of design to choose, will the sales representative have any styles with him to show me?

A) Our door brochure is vast and we will always endeavour to produce a style.

Q5. I would like my door to let in as much light as possible but not let the outside world look in. Any ideas?

A) We can produce a door with a full glass panel which would let in a lot of light and at the same time ensure you are not ‘viewed by all’ by putting an obscure backing glass to combat the issue. There is a wide range of designs in obscure to choose from, but don’t worry our representative will have them with them.

Q6. At the moment I have a window where I would like to have a pair of French doors and under the window I have a radiator, what do I do first?

A) At Coral™ we offer a full service; each of our trained employees is a specialist in their own field, our plumber will re-position your radiator, our builder will cut out for the French doors and ensure that any required lintels are in place and our installers will then fit your French doors… and all this within the day.

Q7. On my main entrance door I would like to have a letter plate fitted on the side panel and not on the door itself, is this possible?

A) Yes, at Coral™ if it is possible we will endeavour to make it happen.

Q8. One of my family is disabled, can you provide a lower threshold or possibly a ramp?

A) The simple answer to both the above is yes. Please feel free to ask for any advice you may require that will make life as easy as is possible for your family.

Q9. My door at the moment opens into the hall and leaves me with little or no room to move. Would it be possible to open the door outwards which in turn would give me the extra space required?

A) Yes we can open any door outwards and we will fit extra restrictors to the door to protect the door blowing in high winds.

Q10. I would prefer to view a door in situ rather than looking at a brochure, is this a possibility?

A) If you wish you can visit one of Coral’s Show sites which are located across the County. Please Telephone our Free phone 0800 669955 for details.

*This offer is only applicable when the goods are installed within 12 weeks of the order date.
**Interest free credit is not available on conservatory, porch, roofline or roof products.
**Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

See April 2020 offer T&Cs for full details.