The Greatest Underdog Triumphs of the FA Cup Infographic

Coral Windows are both proud sponsors and big fans of Bradford City FC, which is why we were over the moon with the Bantam’s result at Stamford Bridge last month. An amazing comeback that saw Halliday and Yeates secure the 2-4 result following Stead’s 18-yard shot and Morais’ equaliser, Bradford City beat the Blues despite being ranked 49 places behind the Premier League leaders.

In celebration of Bradford City’s triumph over Chelsea, we’ve put together an infographic that celebrates the very best underdog stories throughout the history of the FA cup. Detailing the time, place and shock level of the matches, along with the strips that each team wore, we’ve ranked ten great results. Can you remember any of these triumphs? Perhaps there’s another that you’d like to see included? Tweet us @CoralWindowsUK and let us know, and be sure to share this infographic with your friends and family – you can also add it to your own site by simply copying and pasting the code below.

Coral Windows Presents The Greatest Underdog Triumphs of the FA Cup

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