How Can I Tell If My Double Glazing Needs Replacing?

How Can I Tell If My Double Glazing Needs Replacing?

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Double glazing is a great feature for any property. Commonly installed in double glazed windows, doors, conservatories and orangeries, double glazing gives all the aesthetics of glass windows without having to sacrifice thermal efficiency, security or weatherproofing. However, there comes a time when double glazing may have to be replaced. How can you tell? We go over the most common signs in this handy article. 

Warmth Is Money

Have you noticed that your heating bills have gone up? This can be a sign that your property is losing money through older, leaky double glazing. A gradual rise in the costs it takes to heat and cool your home to a comfortable temperature is a surefire sign to start looking into your double glazing installations. Have a look around your home. Are there spots in the house that feel colder? This can be a sign that your double glazing has failed.

Faulty seals or gaps in the double glazing unit can allow leakage, which results in a loss of thermal efficiency. Repairing your double glazing, or looking for a high quality installer to replace your double glazing all together, might be a good plan. It can be difficult to know when to invest in replacement double glazing, but you’ll be surprised at how quickly it’s able to pay itself off with savings on your energy bills!

Feeling Chilly?

Another sign that it’s time to replace your double glazed windows and doors is if you notice draughts or cold spots around your home. Take a walk around your property- do some areas feel cooler than others? This could be a sign that your double glazing installations are failing, leading to inconsistent temperatures across your home. Your double glazing is designed to ensure consistent temperatures across your home, so if you notice some areas are colder, this can be a sign it’s time for a change. 

When the seals around your windows deteriorate, outside air can flood your home, leading to some areas being colder than others. If you want to check your home for draughts, you can easily do this by running a finger along the seals of your window. If you notice some spots feel cold or notice a breeze against your hand, then it’s time for a replacement. 

Misty Windows

Have you noticed condensation around your window panes? This is a sign that the seal between your double glazed glass panels has failed, allowing moisture to accumulate between the panes. If you notice your windows are getting misty on the inside, this is a sign you might benefit from replacement double glazing. It’s also important to take moisture buildup seriously. When you first notice it, it might seem like nothing at all- but it can easily become a bigger problem, causing damp or mould across the home. If you’re unsure of what to look for, check with a friendly double glazing supplier. They’ll be able to advise you.

Another problem with condensation between the panes is that it can be a sign of leakage. This may mean that the air, argon or krypton gas that used to be between the panes of glass has leaked out, reducing the thermal efficiency of your windows. This is a sign that you could benefit from an upgrade.

Fading or Discolouration

If you notice that the colours of your curtains, furniture, or flooring near the windows are fading, it could be a result of ultraviolet (UV) rays passing through compromised double glazing. Double glazing is designed to minimise UV rays and protect your interiors from sun damage. 

Fading or discoloration suggests that the window’s protective coating has deteriorated or that the glass itself has become less effective at blocking harmful UV rays. In such cases, it is advisable to consider replacing the double glazing in your home. UV rays can cause your home to overheat, driving up the cost of cooling your home. It can also bleach your furniture, creating unsightly spots. Check around your home and see if there’s areas you notice fading or bleaching. 

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