How much more energy could you save with triple glazing?

In an environment of rising energy consumption, optimal energy efficiency is essential. About 20% of the heat lost from homes with old double-glazed windows is attributable to the windows in our house, and as time goes on and no replacement is installed, this percentage will only increase as the air gap between the panes of glass fails.

Condensation on the interior of the glazing is one of the signs of failed double glazing, so if you notice it throughout your home, take it as a hint that your windows need some care. The only fix for failed double glazing is replacing all your windows. While you have the opportunity to replace your windows with modern double glazing, you can install triple glazing to increase your energy efficiency further.

Every year, triple-glazed windows grow in popularity, particularly with window manufacturers. However, whether they are more advantageous than double-glazing and how energy-efficient they are still needs answering. Here at Coral Windows, replacing old profiles with triple-glazed windows is a great solution.


What is triple glazing? 

Like double glazing has two panes of glass, triple glazing has three within a sealed frame. Between each glass pane is either a pocket of air or an inert gas like argon, a heavier and dense substance that can work as an insulator for noise and heat retention.

Compared to double glazing, which only has one airlock, the third pane of glass generates two different airlocks. Thanks to the additional pane, your home will operate more efficiently in terms of energy. This variation can increase the efficiency of your house by up to 50%! Every time you wish to upgrade your windows, it’s crucial to think about your glazing alternatives. You have premium triple-glazed windows when you combine the glass panes, the gas used, and the thermally efficient material.


triple glazing


What’s more efficient – Double or triple glazing? 

Due to drastically altered restrictions and increased energy prices over the last year, properties have become more energy efficient. Residential dwellings and central heating account for about 22% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions since environmental conditions can also affect how much energy is used in residences. At Coral, we strive to provide every one of our customers with a triple-glazed window solution that makes homes as thermally efficient as possible, so assisting in reducing the reliability of your heating requirements.

The measurement of the U-value of double and triple-glazed windows is one of the most essential comparison criteria:

– The U-value of single-glazed windows can be as high as 5.0 W/m2k.

– Windows with double glazing can produce 3.0-1.3W/m2k (depending on the manufacturer). Yet as of right now, building codes mandate that any window you install must have a U-value of 1.6 or less.

The most energy-efficient glazing profile is triple glazing. These astounding figures indicate that triple-glazed windows will lose around half as much heat as double-glazed profiles. With improved thermal performance, our customers can be sure they are getting long-term value for their money.

Other Triple Glazed Window Benefits:

Lower your energy bills

Add value to your property

– Minimise condensation

Increase security measures

Reduce noise disturbance

Most energy-efficient glazing option

Boasts low U-values

Better acoustic performance

Inherent strength and durability

Protection against potential break-ins


Coral Windows, your Triple Glazed Window Solution

If you also want to upgrade your home to receive the very best thermal efficiency, contact Coral Windows for all your triple-glazing options. 

You can contact us by calling 0800 058 1777 to ask any questions. Our friendly staff members are always here to help and guide you to make the right choice for your home improvement needs. 

If you know that triple glazing will be the best solution for you and your Yorkshire home, you can utilise our online quoting engine. Here, you can input the product and design requirements you want to receive personalised quotes. It’s as simple as that to get your triple glazing improvements underway!

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