Ideas to help you create the perfect bedroom space for rest and relaxation

Whether you have just had new windows fitted to your home and are making a few interior changes or just simply fancy a new look, creating a bedroom space that is both relaxing and refreshing is vital to allow our bodies to rest, recharge and function in a healthy way.

Creating a tranquil environment doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune and in some cases a bedroom space needs to serve more than just the purpose of resting, for some the bedroom might double up as a work area or studio and then it becomes even more important to get the balance of work and rest just right. Below you will find a few ideas to help inspire you when it comes to creating the perfect bedroom space.

As mentioned already some bedrooms need to serve more than one purpose so think about how you use the room in your home. Do you have to allow for a study space? Do you require an area for completing creative work? Or maybe in a children’s room, you need an area that is designated for play activities.

Whatever you require it is important to think about how these activities could affect the other use of the room which should be designed for rest and relaxation. Having a work/play area in your bedroom could have a negative impact on your body’s ability to switch off and relax so it is important to create workspaces that allow you to separate work and rest.

Designating specific work times and following these will help you to create a healthier work balance and by creating a dedicated area for working that is organised and has plenty of storage will allow you to tidy away work documents, laptops, folders and books to enable the desk space to be clear and help your body to associate separating work and rest.

The same goes for children’s rooms, having good storage means toys can be placed out of sight to help children separate play and rest.

Digital Detox
Another great way to help us prepare for rest is to let our minds relax. Placing your phone on charge in another room out of sight and placing the laptop in a cupboard will help you to unwind in a more natural way allowing for a much more rested sleep when it comes to bedtime.

Has a dramatic effect on our mood and for some people certain colours stimulate the mind rather than help it to relax, so work out what colours work best for you when it comes to creating a restful environment. Calming colours tend to be paler and much softer in tone such as pastel shades, white and greys but for some, colours such as rich purples or even deep reds can also have a soothing effect on the mind.

Requirements in a bedroom need to be just right as a bright stark light won’t help the mind to unwind. Lighting should be soft, warm and good enough so that you can cosy up with a good book but at the same time not cause eye strain. Lighting again is a very personal aspect so find what works best for you.

After a busy day coming home and knowing you have the perfect bedroom space waiting for you will definitely help you to relax and unwind. An important aspect of relaxation is comfort, having a bed that is supportive for your back is definitely a good starting point as a good night’s sleep will help your wellbeing in so many ways.

Choosing tactile throws, cushions, rugs and curtains to accessorise your room will also help to create a pleasing aesthetic but also tactile textures such as plush fake fur, knitted wool, sheepskin, soft velvets and delicate linens relax the senses as your hands and body embrace the textures.

Lighting a candle such as a lavender or camomile infused one is another great way to stimulate your sense of smell and these natural ingredients are known for their relaxing qualities. Don’t forget to blow it out fully before you fall asleep!

Did you know that some houseplants can actually purify the air in a room? Adding in a plant will not only add a stylish touch to your bedroom but it could help to freshen the air a little providing a much more settled nights rest.

Each and every individual unwinds, relaxes and rests in unique ways and finding the right way for you is what will help you have the best night’s sleep. Following a few of these ideas will help you to create a bedroom space that is both relaxing and restful, not a bad starting point for catching a few zzzzzzz.

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