Keeping windows crystal clear

Taking a look out of the window in the morning is, for many, one of the first things we do. Observing the day and deciding what to wear in regards to the weather is part of a morning routine you might not even realise you do. Brighten up any day by ensuring the view from your window is crystal clear and enjoy the changes of each new day no matter what the weather brings.

Whether you have recently had new windows and doors fitted or a spacious new conservatory added or are just keen to maintain the windows you already have, keeping your windows and glazing clean and fresh is an excellent way to enhance your views and maintain the quality and working functions of your windows and doors.

Here at Coral Windows and Conservatories, all of our products are produced and fitted to the highest industry standards and are made of the best quality materials. We know how important it is for you to maintain your investment, as not only will it benefit your living environment now it will add value to your home for the future. Below you will find some tips and ideas to help you keep your glazing crystal clear, after all, glazing that is clean and fresh brings in more natural light creating a welcoming environment for your home.

DIY Window cleaning
The first and most important part of ‘do it yourself’ window cleaning is SAFETY. It is vital that you think about this before you start. Are you planning on using ladders? If so think about the positioning of those ladders and ensure somebody is around to hold the bottom of them. Don’t exceed your reach by learning out further, move the position of the ladder to achieve cleaning new areas.

  • Start by removing any jewellery that could cause scratches to the glass.
  • Remove obvious areas of mud, dirt or grime by using some slightly damp paper towel.
  • The best way to clean glazing is with soapy water and lots of elbow grease. Use a small amount of soap in warm water, add in a microfiber cleaning cloth and your good to go.
  • Start with the frames, then the glazing, remember to the change the water if required to ensure a good end result.
  • Use a Squeegee to remove excess water then finish off by wiping the glazing, frames and sills with a smear free cloth for a smooth, perfect finish.

Top tip

Don’t wash your windows when the sun is shining directly on them as the sunlight will dry them quickly leaving dirty patches and streaks.

Hiring a window cleaner

  • Sometimes due to difficulty accessing windows, it is better to hire a professional window cleaner but where do you begin when it comes to choosing one?
  • Recommendations are the best way to source a reliable window cleaner. Ask neighbours or friends and enquire as to what it was that made them choose that window cleaner over another.
  • Don’t be afraid to call up and get quotes. Finding the cheapest doesn’t always mean it’s the best, compare what is included in the costs.
  • Include in your enquiry questions about equipment used, training completed, the experience they have, what are the payment options and most importantly what SAFETY procedures do they follow and do they have INSURANCE. Any quality window cleaner will willingly show you the relevant insurance documents if requested to see, ensure that they are up to date.
  • If you can access the internet look for any reviews as this can be a good indicator as to the quality of the work.

Whether you choose to go ahead yourself with the DIY option or choose to hire a professional, keeping your windows squeaky clean and crystal clear really will help to brighten up your day.

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