Lighting a new or existing space

Lighting has a huge impact on how we live and our personal health and wellbeing. Lighting is a means of seeing things more clearly in life but when we really think in detail about how light affects us it is very individual. Mood, atmosphere and general wellbeing for individuals are all immensely impacted by the light in an environment. Light is such a vital part of daily life, surely it is important to get it right in our home environments.

Maybe you have big plans for an extension, conservatory or changes to windows and doors coming up in the next few months; or maybe spending extra time at home over the festive period has made you realise that the light in your home isn’t quite right. Whatever your thoughts on lighting this article’s aim is to inspire how to light a space, new or old, and consider the different options available.

Natural light
A vital requirement for us to be healthy, without natural light our bodies wouldn’t function very well and our mood would be dramatically affected. Natural sunlight also provides us with vitamin D, an important vitamin for the healthy development and running of our bodies. We know that natural light is important but how do we ensure that our homes provide us with a good amount to enhance living?

When planning a design for a new home, extension, or home enhancements consider the number of natural light opportunities. If it is difficult to add windows on a wall look into skylight options or adding lanterns into a roof design. By adding more windows for light it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on thermal efficiency as here at Coral Windows and Conservatories we provide the best quality windows that will both add light and keep your home warm and even better increase the security of your home too.

If you aspire to enhance the natural light in your home without adding extensions or making changes structurally to your property then below you will find a few points to follow to help you achieve this.

  • Change the layout of a room to allow natural light to flow easily
  • Move large pieces of furniture away from windows so that light isn’t blocked
  • Add a mirror to project natural light around the space
  • Clean windows and doors both inside and out
  • Cut back foliage, plants or trees that obscure the windows and doors as this will allow more natural light to enter the living spaces

When choosing the lighting for a room it is important to think about how that room will be used. Is it a relaxation space, study, playroom, dining or kitchen area? Think about the people who will use the space and how much natural light already enters the room.

Provides a stylish and practical style of illuminating a room, used in kitchen areas it provides a bright light that helps to create a clean, sleek look. Spotlights can be used anywhere in a home and help to create a minimalist, no-nonsense finish as they sit flush into the ceiling, they remove the fuss and clutter of light cords and lampshades. The bright clean light also lends itself well to playroom and workspaces.

Statement lights
Adds drama and light to a living space and are big in the world of interiors right now. Think traditionally a chandelier or decorative glass lamps but today the skies the limit when it comes to pushing the boundaries of statement lighting. Not only do you need to consider the room but also your budget when looking at this type of light as there are many elaborate, contemporary, designer and bespoke options to choose from. This type of lighting choice should be seen as an investment and should be carefully considered.

Do your research and think about your family and the style of interiors you like as designs range from the delicate, bold, traditional, modern, contemporary and fully artistic to the dramatic and futuristic. Statement lighting is designed to be a focal point so the light may choose you or your home may choose the light, either way, consider the finished look as a whole before investing.

Table and floor lamps
Are designed to add light within a specific area. A desk lamp, for example, focuses the light onto a study or workspace and should provide a clean, sharp light to illuminate the space. A reading light should do the same, it should provide a crisp light for the person to focus on the text without causing eye strain.

A table or floor lamp in a living room will add a gentle glow of light to a room and often the shade will disperse the light softly into the space, perfect for relaxing after a day at work while watching television. There are so many options and choices to choose from, with lots of trends at the moment for oversized lamp designs that arch right over a space to retro designs and recycled choices.

Island and diner lights
Perfect for a kitchen or above the dinner table these lights provide a focused area of light but with the freedom to be creative with style. Some island lights even incorporate extractor fans into the designs meaning you get both practical elements in a clever, often statement design. Diner style lighting has really taken off over the years and has become a very on trend interior choice due to its practicalities and endless options for mixing styles, colours and themes.

These days lighting isn’t just about ticking a practical box of light on light off, it is about creating the right mood and atmosphere for the room being used and how light can support our wellbeing. All while at the same time being stylish and unique to the individual.

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