Popular Ways To Use Conservatory Extensions & Garden Extensions 

So you’re thinking about investing in a conservatory extension or garden extension to open your home up and provide you with lots more space? Or perhaps you’ve already opted for an extension of sorts and are not sure how best to fill the new area you’ve created? Either way, Coral Windows are here to help! Here we explore the most popular ways to use conservatory extensions and garden extensions to maximise the new space and potential.

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Use Conservatory Extensions for Guestrooms or Air bnb

A bright airy garden room or conservatory extension makes for an ideal guest area. Whether it’s for your in-laws at Christmas, or for customers for your new air bnb, the additional level of privacy afforded by an extension is perfect! And, if you opt for large windows, they’ll be afforded a lot of natural light, privacy and a calming view of the garden. 

Make the most of your new space and generate some income with a spare room, air bnb or theatre digs. 

Extensions as Studios

Whether you’re in search of the perfect sanctuary to practise yoga or unleash your inner artist through painting, drawing, knitting or sculpting, this extra space offers the ideal canvas for your creative endeavours. With ample room to spread out and bask in the natural light, you’ll find that a garden room environment can be tailor-made to cater to your unique artistic passions and needs.

For the yogi seeking a tranquil haven, a glass extension provides the serenity and open space necessary to find inner peace and balance. 

Conservatoires as Utility Areas

Glass roofed conservatories make for fantastic utility areas. With the extra space, you can safely store your washer and dryer, and still have ample areas for drying your laundry. And on that note – with a glass roofed conservatory, you’ll get plenty of sun for ensuring your clothes get dry with speed!

Conservatory Extensions Make Fantastic Sunrooms

Conservatories and extensions provide the perfect opportunity for sunrooms. Let in the natural light and warmth and create a bright and cosy space where you can relax, read or enjoy a cup of tea while basking in the natural sunlight.

Plant conservatory or Greenhouse

If you have a green thumb, you can use a conservatory as a dedicated space for gardening and nurturing plants. It can be a beautiful place to grow flowers, herbs or even tropical plants that might not thrive outdoors in the cold UK climate.

A sunroom makes for a fantastic plant conservatory or makeshift greenhouse. With glass roofs and large windows, or even glass walls, the sun will provide ample light and warmth for keeping your plants happy.

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Reading Room

Take advantage of the natural light and enjoy a reading room conservatory! 

Set up a comfortable reading nook with plush cushions and a comfortable armchair or chaise lounge, strategically positioned to capture the best sunlight. Surround yourself with bookshelves and maybe even a small table for your tea or coffee. You’ll find that the conservatory’s ambiance enhances your reading experience, making it a true escape from the everyday routine.


If  you’re looking for a dedicated kid’s play area in your home – an extension or conservatory is the perfect option! Create a space that’s just for the kids – with toys, learning activities and books aplenty!

Kitchen Extensions

Light, airy and with a natural warmth from the sun – glass extensions make for fantastic kitchen extensions! Similarly, if you’d rather opt for brick or tile, a kitchen extension is a great way to make more space and make your kitchen the hub of your home. With a bigger kitchen, you can invest in more appliances, a dining area or a utility space – making your kitchen the place to be! 

What type of conservatory extensions are best for me?

At Coral, we offer a wide range of conservatories and extensions for all your needs. Whether you’re opting for a guest room, more space for your family, a dedicated plant conservatory – or something else altogether – we can ensure that you get the right kind of extension / conservatory for your specific requirements.

When it comes to conservatories, we offer a huge range – from Edwardian conservatories to fully glass extensions and orangeries. Take a look at our expansive selection of conservatories and extensions and get an instant quote with Coral! 

Looking to get a quote for a new extension or conservatory? Contact our team of experts today and take advantage of numerous offers that we have on in January – half price sale*, SmartFrame included in windows and doors as standard, and a FREE upgrade to triple glazing*. There’s never been a better time to invest in more space and quality time in your home. 


* ts and cs apply, these offers only apply to January 2024.

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