Storage Ideas

Whether you live in a large detached property, small terraced home, compact city flat or have just added valuable living space with a conservatory or extension, having savvy storage solutions in your home will make daily living a lot more enjoyable. A place for everything means finding those everyday items in a hurry should be a little less stressful.

Good storage for your home not only makes finding things a whole lot easier it also provides your home with more space for living. There are so many options and styles when it comes to choosing storage that there is sure to be the perfect answer for your storage requirements that will create both a stylish and practical end result.

Below are a few ideas to inspire you when it comes to thinking about storage ideas for the home.

Beginning with a good sort out of your items whether it be the contents of your wardrobe, the kitchen cupboards or a playroom will really help with your storage solutions as the less you have to store the less storage you will require. This really is such a good starting place if you live in a property that is short on space as every bit of space really counts. Surrounding yourself with an organised clear living environment will not only enhance the practicalities of living it will also have a positive impact on wellbeing.

Slimline furniture such as wardrobes and cupboards are a great way to increase storage spaces but at the same time reduce the amount of floor space consumed by what can often be large bulky items. Look for simple designs with clean lines and sleek handles to create a streamlined look. Some pieces of furniture are even designed to be opened by pressing rather than pulling at a handle and create a very sleek aesthetic overall, as does furniture with sliding doors.

Combination furniture is starting to appear more and more in current furniture trends, such as standard lamps that are set upon tall thin shelves rather than a typical standard lampstand. This clever combination provides a stylish end result but with practical space for both lighting, book storage and even space for a plant or two.

Hidden storage provides the perfect way to create a fuss-free living space and keep those everyday items to hand. In the bedroom headboards on beds that feature shelving and lighting built into the side of the design mean those books, Kindles and glass of water are all easily to hand but neatly out of view. Another great way to increase storage but without consuming more space is to invest in a bed with hidden storage included such as draws underneath.

Within the kitchen, hidden storage that folds out or extends from a single cupboard will increase the amount you can store in one individual cupboard space, perfect for a galley kitchen or small open plan living environment.

Unique storage provides the perfect answer if your home has unused spaces such as alcoves near a fireplace or awkward empty spaces under a stairway. Contact a local joiner who could help you turn these spaces into valuable storage whether it be shelves or cupboards make it unique and practical for your home.

Another great option when it comes to unique options is furniture that provides storage but also the freedom to change the configurations and layouts. These style of storage solutions are great for playrooms and children’s rooms as the furniture can adapt and grow as they do. Even better if they do finally outgrow it then reconfigure into another space in the home or even a garage or shed to increase storage in a new location.

The small things that hang around in every room of the house such as toys and books in the children’s rooms, shoes and outdoor accessories in the hallway, keys and important items (anywhere they were left) and all those vital items required on an early morning before work or school such as paperwork, homework, water bottles and PE kits can all have the perfect home in the right storage option whether it be a basket, box or hook. The high street has some fantastic choices when it comes to stylish storage baskets and boxes, creating a personal look for your home couldn’t be easier.

Creating a calm relaxing space within your home is so important as it is the space you retreat to after a busy day, a space that is organised and clear will definitely help daily life be that little bit less stressful and knowing where to find things will definitely mean more time for living.

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