Top 5 tips for keeping your home safer in summer

Every day we strive to keep our loved ones safe, whether it is ensuring everyone has their seat belt on in the car or a good layer of sun cream protection on for a sunny day out. So when it comes to home security we should also ensure we are doing our best to protect the people we love and keep our property safe.

Summer is the perfect time to get together with friends and family, throw open the doors to enjoy the garden or head off on holiday. That said, it is also the perfect time for intruders to take opportunities as the warm weather can make our homes less secure.

Below you will find five top tips to help improve your home’s security while enjoying the warmer months.

1. Outside
The best place to start improving your home’s security is to maintain the exterior of your property. The perfect starting point for an intruder is an observation point for keeping up to date with how you live your life. If you restrict this then their cover will be blown so the temptation is greatly reduced.

  • Cut back overgrown areas of dense foliage, bushes and trees that could create the perfect hiding place
  • Add an outdoor sensor light that responds to movement, nobody wants to be exposed in the spotlight when trying not to be seen
  • Add a burglar alarm, the visual identity of one on the exterior of your property may be enough to keep an intruder walking

2. Enjoying the outdoors
The garden often becomes an extension to your home on those hot sunny days during which you listen to music, invite friends & family from far and wide to enjoy a bbq and have a few drinks.

However, while you’re all out in the garden enjoying the summer atmosphere an intruder may see this as the perfect opportunity to gain access from the front of your home. For example:

  • While out in the garden keep the front of your property secure. Lock doors and where possible lock windows using a window restrictor even if it means only allowing minimal air flow into the property while you are in the garden
  • Don’t keep keys in window and door locks, remember a safe place to put them out of view in case of emergency
  • Ensure that you are aware of who is coming and going from your property – are visitors using a side gate or back entrance?

3. Don’t make it easy
After you’ve been busy in the garden all day the last thing you might feel like doing is putting all your garden tools back in the shed or garage but this just another opportunity for intruders if they’re left out in the open.

  • Ensure all tools are locked up safely as all can be used to gain access to your property
  • Ladders should be securely put away not just left lent against an outside wall

4. Out of sight out of mind
We all know the saying ‘if it’s out of sight it’s out of mind’. Well, this is especially true for an intruder. If it’s not obvious to them then it’s obviously going to take a lot longer to find. Therefore, don’t make your home an easy temptation by leaving gadgets and phones in obvious sight.

  • Keep all games consoles out of view in a storage box or draw when not in use
  • Don’t leave your phone in plain sight
  • When not in use place laptops and iPads out of sight
  • Keep jewellery and expensive items of clothing in a wardrobe or draw

5. We will be back in a few weeks
Never broadcast your departure from your property. With the ever-present social media platforms playing a role in our daily lives it is easy to share and overshare the information and excitement of holidays and vacations to friends and family. That said, you never know who outside of this group of people may also read this information. Keep your home safe while you are away by:

  • Locking all windows, doors and external buildings such as sheds or garages
  • Ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on your home
  • Make your home look lived in by asking a neighbour to put the bin out, remove post, open or close curtains or add a light timer
  • If you have a burglar alarm, don’t forget to set it

Whatever your plans are for summer, if you’re staying local for your holiday or flying to an exotic location, don’t let your home be a target for intruders.

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