Top tips for window and door maintenance

Whether you’ve recently had new windows and doors fitted or you’ve bought a new build property, your home has a fresh new appearance that you’ll undoubtedly be determined to keep sparkling clean. With that in mind, we have pulled together our top tips to help you keep things looking like new and functioning smoothly.


  • Before you start, remember to remove any jewellery as this could cause fine scratches on the glazing surface

The glazing
The best starting point for a good end result is a basic bucket of soapy water, this will lift dirt and grime easily and give the windows an instant lift. Use clean water to rinse and a squeegee to remove excess water and leave a clean, sleek finish.

In between washes a simple way to maintain gleaming windows is a wipe over with a smear free cloth and plain water, this can be done on the inside of a window also. Glass cleaning products (always follow product guidelines for use) and a smear free cloth are another good way to maintain glazing both inside and out.

  • Remember when cleaning leaded details and bevels to clean the area gently so no damage is caused

The frames
Wash frames of windows and doors with soapy water, be careful near frame sealant so as not to cause damage. Inside a dry cloth such as a duster might only be required.

Washing regularly means the build-up of dirt and grime will be less resulting in windows that are easier to clean and function smoothly.

Basic Cleaning Kit…

  • Bucket
  • Soap (washing up liquid – just a small amount)
  • Cleaning cloths
  • Smear free cloths
  • Squeegee
  • Glass cleaner

Happens no matter what we do to maintain our property. It is a natural occurrence when warm air comes into contact with a cold surface such as a wall or window. There are lots of ways to reduce condensation but it is very difficult to stop it fully.

One of the best ways to help condensation is to ventilate your home. Always remember to consider the location of your windows when doing this and always use the safety and security features fitted to your windows to ensure your windows are safe. ALWAYS CLOSE AND LOCK WINDOWS WHEN LEAVING THE PROPERTY.

Wiping glazing and frames when condensation appears will help to remove the moisture as, if left sitting on the area, this could cause damp and mould to form.

Other ways to help if condensation becomes a bigger problem is using a dehumidifier in the room and if fitted in kitchen and bathrooms ensure extractor fans are used when cooking or taking a shower/ bath. Shutting the door will help the extractor fan to work to its best and reduce moisture in the air entering other parts of the house.

Pivots and mechanisms
All windows and doors have moving parts to allow them to function fully. It is important to maintain these working parts to ensure your windows and doors last as long as possible. Using a light maintenance oil, add a single drop to pivot points and wipe away any excess. Clean sliding mechanisms to remove dust and dirt to ensure the smooth running of functions. Clean and very lightly oil moving parts on window handles and doors, be sure to keep the oil away from the locks themselves.

No matter what style of windows and doors you choose and whether they are fitted to a new home or upgraded on a traditional property, maintaining them will help them to function at their very best and look good for years to come. If you have any questions regarding the upkeep of your new windows and doors our expert team at Coral will be more than happy to answer any questions and provide you with detailed advice.

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