Top tips to help you prepare your home for the winter months

Now is the perfect time to start to prepare your home for the winter months before the weather turns fully and winter is upon us. It is all too easy to think that the best way to prepare your home for winter is to check the heating works in advance of needing it, and although this is very important there are many more things we can do to ensure our homes are best prepared for the winter elements and to help keep ourselves and our homes warmer.

Top Tips:

Start from the top
The roof of your home is an excellent place to start when making your home better prepared. If you are not able to make the checks safely yourself ask a neighbour or friend who has the skills and equipment to help you or hire a professional.

  • Check the roof for loose or missing roof tiles, ensure that fascia boards and guttering is secure as in strong winds these could become loose or blow off
  • Remove and clear all guttering, downpipes and drainage channels of leaves and moss and consider fitting leaf guards to reduce the build-up of foliage
  • Consider replacing fascia boards and guttering to ensure your home is best protected against the elements. At Coral Windows and Conservatories, we have a wide range of options to choose from all of which are made to the highest standards and are all very low maintenance

Have a tidy up
Over the summer months when the outdoors have been enjoyed by all it is easy to become more relaxed about leaving garden toys and tools lying around as they have been used regularly.

  • Tidy away children’s toys and store for the better weather as these can lift easily off the ground in bad weather. If it is not possible to store large items such as trampolines then secure them to the ground where possible or move to a more sheltered location in the garden
  • Place garden tools, furniture and BBQ’s in a shed or garage and ensure that greenhouses or vegetable patch nets and covers are secured down
  • Cut back foliage, trees and shrubs to reduce branches breaking off and causing damage in bad weather. Having a tidy up of these will also reduce hiding spots for burglars observing a property. Add an outdoor light to add even more security to your home

Squeaky clean

  • Clean windows and doors not forgetting to clean around the frames and ledges too. This will help to reduce the build-up of dirt that could cause long-term damage and stains
  • Lubricate window joints and pivots
  • Check window and door seals and replace any sealant that is damaged this will provide better resistance to the elements

Step inside
Now that the outside has been attended to it is important to prepare the inside of your home as this is where a lot of time will be spent with family and friends over the winter months.

  • Have your boiler serviced by a qualified professional so that it is in top working order for the extra use it will endure
  • Bleed all radiators as this will not only heat your home better but it could also help to reduce energy bills
  • Turn on your heating and check all radiators are in full working order
  • If you have a fireplace and working fire hire a chimney cleaner to sweep out the chimney, this is an important part of maintaining a safe working fire. Don’t forget to order extra logs or coals to ensure a suitable supply for the winter months ahead
  • Reduce condensation in the home that can lead to damp forming by drying washing outdoors when possible and using an extractor fan in the kitchen and bathroom when cooking or washing. Closing doors will also help to reduce moisture entering other areas of the home
  • Make your home extra cosy by checking that your property has the correct amount of insulation in the loft as this is where many homes lose heat easily. This will also help to reduce energy bills
  • Replacing lightweight curtains and window dressing with lined options will help to reduce the heat loss from your home and reduce draughts. Adding a rug or replacing a thin summer rug to a wool or deep piled style will also help to reduce draughts from floorboards and help to trap the heat especially on laminated or tiled floor coverings. It also looks cosy so will add to your sense of winter well-being

Following these top tips will help you to prepare your home for the coming winter months but don’t forget to enjoy the last few days of summer sunshine even if it means adding a jumper or cardigan.

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