WINTER PROOFING YOUR HOME – a Guide to keeping warm this winter

WINTER PROOFING YOUR HOME – keep warm this winter with Coral Windows & Doors

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Let’s face it…summer is over. The nights are drawing in, the weather is cooling down and we’ve dug out our dusty winter coats and boots from the back of the wardrobe to use once again. This is the perfect time of year to be thinking about winter proofing your home to reduce the risk of unexpected leaks and inconvenient breakdowns.

We have compiled five top tips to prepare our homes before the ravages of winter set in, ensuring we remain warm and snuggly in our homes whilst the weather turns wet and cold.

Clear gutters and drains

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Gutters are there to help drain rainwater off your home and any blockage will divert the water over your walls which can damage brickwork and cause damp.  Use a trowel to clear out your gutters ensuring they are free from debris such as sticks, moss and leaves. This will involve climbing a ladder so safety first- if you are not up to this job then ask someone who has done this task before and is confident up a ladder to do it for you.

Sweep the chimney

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Definitely another job left for the professionals. If you have an open fire or wood burning stove an annual chimney sweep is important to remove blockages and ensure the flue is clean. It is best to have this prior to lighting the first fire of the season, reducing the risk of soot fall and the occurrence of chimney fires.

Draught proof your home

If windows and doors are in a bad way they can leak cold air and water around the edges so by draught proofing your home, you will use less energy on heating your home meaning you’ll save money too. Check your windows and doors for draughts and leaks and if you notice any then get in touch with Coral Windows & Doors, or consider buying draught proofing from your local DIY shop and block up the unwanted gaps. Don’t forget about draughts which sneak in through your letterbox and under your front door – a letterbox cover can stop draughts as can a friendly sausage dog by your front door (we find the stuffed variety are much more effective at keeping draughts at bay than the real life barky ones).

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Curtains are also great at helping insulate rooms. Of course nothing comes close to the latest triple glazing married to our ultra-secure composite doors – ask us how to make your home safe, secure and draught free by calling 01133 996 827.

If your windows are old and tired it might be the time to think about buying some new double glazed windows and doors. Have a look at our fantastic choice of double glazed windows and doors HERE.

Get your boiler serviced 

Have your boiler serviced so you can be reassured it is in tip top working order. That way you won’t be stuck with an expensive and problematic breakdown in winter when you need your boiler the most. Check to see if you are entitled to an annual boiler service as part of your boiler guarantee and always make sure the engineer you use is gas safety registered.

Bleed the radiators

Sometimes air can become trapped inside radiators causing cold spots and reduced efficiency. If this is the case, then your radiators will require bleeding. Not sure how to bleed a radiator? Well its actually easier than you might think. Have a look at our handy guide HERE.

Remember one of the best ways to keep the winter chill at bay is to think about your windows, doors and glass-extensions / conservatories. Speak with a Coral Windows & Doors specialist today to find out how affordable a warm home can be this winter.

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