Why choose uPVC double glazing

If your home is cold, draughty and noisy then you could benefit from uPVC double glazing. It may seem like an obvious choice, but not everyone understands all the things that new uPVC windows can do for your home.
If now is the time for new windows then read on to find out more on why you should choose double glazing.

Energy efficiency

Double glazed windows, especially those with A-rated glass, are incredibly efficient. They can go a long way towards helping you lower your household energy bills. Double glazing will help to keep heat in thanks to the two panes of glass and the insulating gap (filled with air or an inert gas such as argon). And new windows that are made to measure will not have draughts or gaps to let cold air in and warm air out. With new double glazing you could find that you can turn the radiators down.

Keep noise out

Double glazed windows are also great at keeping out noise. This will be particularly noticeable if you live on a busy street, but most homeowners will notice a difference.

Stay safe

Many burglars are opportunists who look for easy ways in, so double glazing can act as a strong deterrent. New windows with quality locks and security features can boost the safety of your home and put thieves off from trying to break in.

Easy to maintain

uPVC windows are very easy to look after and you do not need to do a lot to keep them looking great. A simple wipe down regularly is all that is required to ensure your windows last for many years. You do not normally need to oil hinges and so on.

Add value

Double glazing is one of the first things that prospective buyers look for in a new home, and new uPVC windows could add value to your home and increase its attractiveness. Your investment is sure to be worthwhile over the years.

Suits your style

New windows can be designed in all sorts of styles, meaning that whatever the period of your property you can get ones that look fantastic. Even if you just need to replace one or two windows, or need something in a unique shape or size, uPVC windows can be made to suit.
As you can see there are many great things about double glazing so you should now ask yourself: “Why wouldn’t I choose Coral uPVC double glazing?”

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