How to create a light and airy living space

Having a home that is safe and welcoming is great for our wellbeing and knowing that you have an environment you can retreat to when life takes over is very important.

A dark, gloomy space with little light will not have a positive effect on the mood and wellbeing of an individual. Having a space that is light and refreshing will create a pleasant environment for you to live, socialise and most importantly relax in.

But how do you create this environment for your home? Below you will find ideas on how to help you achieve a fresh way of living.

Clean and sparkling
Giving windows and doors a fresh look by cleaning them inside and out will automatically improve the clarity of light entering your property. Here at Coral Windows and Conservatories, we can provide lots of great tips when it comes to cleaning your windows and maintaining them.

Neat and Tidy
Keeping the outside of your property neat and tidy especially the areas closest to windows and doors will allow more light to enter your property. Maintain your garden by trimming foliage and cutting bushes and trees back.

Top tip…if the outside of your property has fencing maintain it by painting it a light colour or simply seal the wood using a light coloured or clear sealant. This will help reflect the light, rather than absorb it, creating a much brighter environment.

When choosing colours for the inside of your home think about the size of the room and how much light enters the space.

Keeping colours fresh and light on the walls will automatically enhance the feeling of a brighter space. If you do want to add impact to a room choose just one wall to paint in an accent colour keeping the remaining walls very light.

Colour doesn’t have to go on the wall to make a room interesting. There are so many amazing interior designs, styles and fabrics to choose from these days that colour can be a part of your room purely in the furnishings and finishing touches. Plain white walls with a bold statement rug and cushions can create style as well as add colour to the room without darkening a space.

Top tip…adding fresh flowers brings the outdoors in creating a fresh feeling and may even add a delightful scent to the room along with a pop of colour.

Window dressings
When it comes to dressing your windows it is important to think about how much light enters the room. If your window is small heavy drapes or curtains will block out light, adding a venetian blind in a light colour, for example, will create privacy when required but also can be tilted open or fully lifted to allow the light to flood the room.

If you live on a busy street or on a main road you may want to think about adding a frosted window film as this will enhance privacy without blocking light. Keeping curtains and blinds neutral in colour and textures will always help to improve the flow of light in a room.

Improving an interior space is the perfect time for a declutter, the phrase ‘less is more’ is definitely appropriate when creating a light and airy living space. Removing excess furniture will open up a space and by changing the furniture around it can help to improve the light flow around a room.

Top tip…keep furniture away from windows and doors so light is not absorbed.

Some other great ideas to help improve the light in your living spaces are; paint or upcycle dark pieces of furniture, add light throws and cushions to sofas and chairs if they can’t be replaced, and add a light coloured and lightweight rug to dark floor coverings.

Top tip… if your room really is on the small size a great tip is to add a large mirror to one wall or above a fireplace. This will not only reflect the room space, creating the illusion of a bigger space overall, it will also reflect light all around the room creating a lovely bright atmosphere.

If the budget allows
If you’ve been considering improving your living environment by adding space then here at Coral we have lots of choices when it comes to adding a light living space to your home. With so many options from glass conservatories to conservatories with bi-fold doors, you can be sure that we will create a design totally suitable to your ideas and budget.

Not only can we add space we can also update current windows and doors. This will improve the light in your home while increasing economic performance and enhancing the safety of your property.

So, when it comes to creating a light and airy living space there are many choices you can choose to explore. The most important aspects to remember is that a living space should be relaxing and refreshing and totally unique to you and your family.

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