Create the perfect work or study space

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Whether it is back to school, college, university or you plan to work from home, creating a personal and practical space to focus is vital for inspiring your hard work.

Adults and children both benefit from having a dedicated space that separates work and social activities. Having a room such as a study is great as this allows individuals to really escape the other elements of daily life and focus purely on work but if you do not have a spare room creating a dedicated area within in a room can be just as inspiring and successful.

Below you will find a few ideas to help you create the perfect work or study space suitable for all ages.

Start by choosing a desk that is practical for you. It should have enough space on top for your items such as laptops, notebooks or workbooks and have enough space to work comfortably without these things falling off the surface. If you require machines such as printers and sewing machines think about looking at adjustable tables designed for practical work activities.

Seating is an important part of being able to work successfully. Choosing the correct height chair for you and your desk is vital for your health and work success. If the work area is to be used by all family members, choose an adjustable seat to allow comfort for all.

Enhances a space and mood and is more important than ever when it comes to a work area. Having a desk by a window is a great way to boost mood and study focus by harnessing the benefits of natural daylight. Daylight is a powerful light source but when the weather is dull or the night draws in ensuring your working environment is well lit will help you to keep going.

Choosing a desk lamp will add a strong light that can be focussed on specific areas but sometimes good overhead lighting such as spotlighting creates the perfect level of light overall. Lighting is personal and you need to find what works best for you. Avoid casting shadows over your desktop as this will dull your work area.

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Having an organised work area will definitely allow for a much more productive study time and choosing storage solutions that are practical and stylish will definitely make the space more appealing.

Whether it is papers, files, notebooks or art materials there is a storage option just right for the job. Shop around to find a great choice of baskets, boxes, trays and shelves. Everything to hand in its own unique place will definitely reduce the stress of trying to find things.

Another good idea for ensuring you never miss those important deadlines is a notice board. With so many options from simple pinboards to designs that combine shelves and storage containers, you are sure to find the one just right for you. If your space is for more than one consider a chalkboard wall using specific chalkboard paint that you can paint directly onto walls or cupboards.

Make it unique
Having a space that is unique to you and your family will definitely make working that little bit more enjoyable. Add personal touches such as plants, photographs or inspirational words and quotes to motivate the mind. Remember to keep it simple though as an overcrowded study space will feel demotivating.

Creating a study space is the perfect way to influence those valuable hours spent dedicated to working and ensuring your environment is calm, clear, comfortable, bright and personal to you is definitely a great way to inspire and motivate the mind.

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