Decorating Tips for Your New Coral Conservatory

If you have recently invested in a Coral conservatory then you will be excited to decorate the new space and start using it.

Where to start with conservatory interior design

You will know before your conservatory is finished what you will be using it for, and this will shape the type of decoration and furniture you use. But even if you are certain that it will be a living room, you will find as you use it that it also doubles-up as a play area, dining space, home office and so on, so it pays to focus on flexibility and practicality when starting your design.
Conservatories are light and airy so your design features should enhance that. Buy blinds that can be adjusted and place lamps in strategic positions so you can continue to make the most of your conservatory in the evenings.
If there is no central heating to be installed then invest in a heater to take the edge off in the winter months. Of course, a quality conservatory with energy efficient double glazing will go a long way towards keeping heat in, but as temperatures drop you may need to create extra warmth.
Choose your colours to reflect your taste and take into account the use of the room. If the kids will be playing in there a lot avoid cream carpets and fabrics that are difficult to clean!

Choose your conservatory furniture wisely

Whatever the room is going to become your furniture should be comfortable, practical and the right size. Sofas that are too big will simply look ridiculous; not enough chairs and your family will either not use the conservatory or bring in things to sit on from other areas of the house.
Wicker or cane furniture is not as popular these days but can still work well in a conservatory. You might also like to consider several smaller chairs or even bean bags rather than one massive sofa as this gives more flexibility if your use of the room changes.
Don’t forget the little extras such as coffee tables and side tables, plus some storage like bookcases or dressers.

Personalise your conservatory

The finishing touches to your conservatory design should be very personal to you and your family. Adorn the adjoining wall with artwork created by the kids or family portraits, and show off your interests or hobbies in the other pictures and ornaments you display.

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