It’s all in the details – guttering, fascias and soffits

After spending lots of time planning your home improvements, choosing windows, doors or even adding extra living space what about the smaller details? The finer details that are sometimes overlooked but could actually be the finishing touches to enhance the look of your property and provide added protection from the elements.

Guttering, fascias and soffits might seem like the uninteresting parts to home improvement but they are actually very important. Without them, your home would not function in a smooth way and you would incur lots of weather damage to your property over the years.

Traditional fascias and soffits were made of wood and required lots of maintenance. At Coral Windows and Conservatories, we provide UPVC guttering, fascias and soffits that are hard wearing, long lasting and very low maintenance with an occasional wash and wipe only required. No labour intense sanding and repainting required.

For a long time the only colour choice in guttering, fascias and soffits was black and white, but here at Coral, we have a range of colour choices for you to choose from. So whether you have a traditional property, modern or very contemporary home we can help you to find the right added details for your property.

All of our products are made to the same high standards as our windows and doors and with practical details such as weather seals and channels for rainwater you can be sure of a product that will not only protect your home but be long lasting and save you money in the future.

Below you will find some ideas to help you consider what added details will be right for your home.

Colours and style
Here at Coral, we have a choice of colour in our fascia board and soffits collection, as well as the classic black and white we also have rosewood and light oak. Something to suit your property whether old, new, traditional or contemporary.

With decorative features to add to the style, you can be sure of fascia boards that will cover and protect the ends of the rafters for years to come along with soffits that let your house breathe easy.

Our guttering and downpipes also come in a choice of colours including black, white, dark brown and caramel. Perfect for collecting rainwater and draining it away from your property no matter what colour you choose.

Your home
With so many styles of homes these days it is important that you think about what will be right for your property. If you live in a traditional house then you need to think about the character of the building, the colours in its building materials and also consider the outdoor space around it. All of these elements work together to give your home its identity so consider them when making changes or improvements.

New build properties and contemporary designs may lend themselves to contrasting details to enhance features and angles, or a sleek modern design may lend itself to matching accents that create a streamlined look.

Whatever choices you choose you can be reassured that our Coral experts will help you all the way and provide your home with the smaller details that will enhance, protect and keep the outside of your home running smoothly.

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