Flooring Ideas

Flooring ideas are becoming a much bigger focus in the world of interiors and it is about more than just the surface you walk upon. Long gone are the days of selecting a practical carpet or plain tiles, flooring designs these days are vast and options that are all about impact and making a statement while also ticking the practical box are becoming a popular choice.

You may have just had an extension or conservatory added, or upgraded your windows and doors, or maybe you just fancy a change. Whatever the period or style of your property there is definitely a flooring option out there for you, but where do you begin in the wondrous world of flooring ideas?

These days flooring options are both practical and stylish so starting at the beginning, thinking about the practicalities, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Think about the room the flooring will be laid in, will it be a high traffic area? Or a space that will get wet/ damp with water and condensation? It is always good to think about these points at the start as it will help you to narrow down the vast options that are available.

Think about the style of the room, is the flooring going to be a statement feature? Or is it going to complement and blend cohesively with the rest of the décor? Think about the tactile qualities of flooring as these have an impact on not only the aesthetics of a room but also our bodies’ senses. Once you have thought about these points you are ready to go floor shopping, below you will find a few ideas to help you.

Love it or loathe it vinyl flooring is big right now! With so many options, styles, colours, textures and surface finishes the options to choose from really are endless. Vinyl has so many positive qualities that it easy to see why it is on the rise as a flooring choice. With effects such as tiles, wood, concrete, bock colour and even marble and terrazzo effects, you really can create a striking look for your space. Cushion vinyl is hard wearing, long lasting, warm underfoot and can be used with underfloor heating. With sheet and tile options of vinyl, there really are no limitations to how it is used. A great flooring option that is very budget friendly.

The long-standing classic when it comes to making a room feel cosy underfoot. Again with so many options when it comes to textures, colours and quality it really is your interior ideas and budget that will drive your choices. With carpet, the better the quality the more expensive it is and it really is worth trying to invest in the best you can afford as it will not only be hard wearing but also a lot longer lasting.

For many years prints in carpet designs were seen as dated but not anymore. Patterns and prints in carpet designs are having a comeback and they really are bold and beautiful or subtle and soft in new and exciting ways. Plain designs with textures rather than pattern are a great choice for adding interest to a room if a pattern is a little out of your comfort zone.

Materials such as wool are classed as the best quality fibre and are often blended with other man-made fibres. With stain-resistant fibres such as polypropylene and polyester, creating soft and luxurious textures there really is a carpet for every space in your home.

Natural Wood and Laminate
Wood is a classic floor covering that is both practical and stylish, a classic that will never date if maintained and looked after. Before you go looking for wood flooring ideas consider the floorboards in your home already. Could they be restored to provide a natural wood floor that has many years of character? If so then research your options of the best products to sand, paint, varnish and repair you’re already in place floor covering.

Natural wood flooring looks stunning but is expensive, with many options when it comes to the style and finishes, popular options of wood flooring include Oak, Beech, Ash, Maple and Walnut. Remember that natural wood will be affected a lot quicker by elements such as sunlight or high traffic areas. It is important to think about which direction your wood flooring will be laid, discuss this in detail with your flooring specialist as different directions can have an impact on the space created.

Laminate is a manmade product that is made to look like real wood, it is very hard wearing, very cost effective and comes in many style choices. Compared to natural wood it is a very low maintenance option as it only requires a wipe over with a damp cloth.

Come in all shapes and sizes, colours, patterns and surface textures and finishes. Tiles are having a moment right now with bold contemporary designs in subtle colour options such as black, white, grey and muted tones making a long-lasting statement feature in many homes. Tiles are a great choice for bathrooms and kitchens where they are easy to keep clean and withstand damp atmospheres well.

When choosing tiles think about who will be laying them as it is a highly skilled job that requires a well-prepared surface before they are laid. If you don’t feel confident ask a professional as a tiled floor will only look its best if laid seamlessly.

Once you have decided on a design ask for a sample or buy one box so can explore layout design options and even test grouting finishes against other elements in the room. All of these ideas will help you to produce an overall finish to your floor that you are fully happy with, and create an end look in the room that is successful.

Don’t forget that when looking at flooring ideas and costs you also need to factor in the cost of any underlay required and fitting costs.

Everyone has different opinions when it comes to interior ideas and that’s great because it makes our homes totally unique. Don’t be afraid to keep things simple on the walls and go bold with the floor, sometimes bold doesn’t have to mean scary just like plain doesn’t have to mean boring!

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