How a ‘P’ shaped conservatory can work for you

Choosing to add a conservatory to your home is a great way to increase your living space especially if you enjoy socialising with friends and family in your home. Maybe your family has outgrown their existing space but you love the location of your property, or maybe adding a conservatory is a way of extending a living space to make it a more practical environment to use, whatever your reasons for making a change choosing to add a ‘P’ shaped conservatory could be the perfect answer when choosing which conservatory design.

Here at Coral Windows and Conservatories, all of our designs are made to measure and are designed to work cohesively with your existing property no matter what its shape, size or style. Our expertly trained team of fitters and designers will help you to bring your ideas to life, and you can rest easy knowing that our team will provide a high-quality service fitting a conservatory made of the very best materials that meet British Safety Standards. This can improve your home’s thermal performance and increase the value of your home overall. All while providing a new living space to make enjoying life the focus.

So why a ‘P’ shaped conservatory?

Choosing a ‘P’ shaped conservatory will give you a generous amount of added space that can actually be separated into two spaces. The design allows for maximum space to be added but due to the neat design, it means you don’t lose excessive amounts of external garden areas.

There are so many ways to use the space and due to each conservatory being tailor-made to your specific requirements it is easy to create a design totally unique for the use in an existing property. Whether you choose to use the new conservatory for a combined dining and social area, a playroom or study or even extend a kitchen environment to create an open dining/kitchen area, the options of layouts are endless and we will be more than happy to help you get the design just right.

Adding a living space that opens out directly onto a garden is a lovely way to bring the outdoors in and extend living into garden environments. Allowing the outdoors to be included in living areas has a positive effect on our minds creating a more relaxed way of living. If you really enjoy the outdoors then considering adding Bi-Fold doors to your ‘P’ shaped conservatory would be an excellent choice in really opening up the whole of your living space to the fresh air.

The ‘P’ shaped conservatory offers a classic design just like the Victorian and Edwardian designs but it allows a lot more floor space. With so much versatility of the ‘P’ shape design such as which part is the larger or smaller section and whether it is a left or right shaped ‘P’ there really is a design option perfect for your home. Whether you live in a modern or traditional property we have so many choices when it comes to window frames, door or decorative design finishes and colours, all, of course, made only of the very best materials.

Your design really is a personal choice that can be as seamlessly linked to your existing home or a stylish contrast that adds a statement. No matter what style ideas you have, choosing a ‘P’ shaped conservatory is an excellent way to extend your family living space.

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