How to create an appealing outdoor space

Benefiting from the great outdoors has always been known as a good way to improve health and have a positive impact on our wellbeing. Whether it is a walk in the woods, countryside, stroll along the beach with family and friends or spending a quiet half an hour in the garden with a brew, time outdoors really can benefit you in so many ways. It helps the body to relax, eliminates stress and gives your body a vital boost of vitamin D.

Creating a pleasant outdoor space to unwind in is a great way to make life that little bit more enjoyable and it does not matter whether you have a large garden, small yard or a minuscule balcony, you really can create the perfect environment to escape into after a busy day.

Below are a few ideas to inspire you when it comes to creating the perfect outdoor space that is just right for you.

Starting point
When it comes to a garden many people are instantly inspired by the style or period of the property they live in, for example, a country cottage with dainty features often produces ideas of a traditional country gardens full of classic flowers in pots or beds such as roses, lavender and creeper plants that nestle into the cottage. A more modern/contemporary build often inspires a more minimalist garden with bold lines and shapes and clean linear planting. No matter where you live or what style your home your garden is a personal space and so make it right for you even if you choose to mix and match styles, there really is no right or wrong.

Inside out
Another great way to generate ideas is to think about the interior of your home, this is a great way to start if you live in a flat and only have a small balcony to get creative in. Think about what styles, colours and textures you currently have in furnishings and accessories, maybe you have a favourite painting or photograph that could lead your ideas on colour? Choosing to be inspired by the interior of your home means the outside space will naturally become an extension of your living spaces and can create a stylish cohesive look overall.

Before you begin you may want to think about the level of involvement you want to partake in when it comes to maintaining a garden. A large outdoor space will require more upkeep but if carefully considered lawns and beds at the edges, for example, are relatively easy to maintain.

Creating a shaded spot in any garden is a great idea as this allows you to fully enjoy the outdoor space even in very hot temperatures. You can create shade in lots of ways such as adding an umbrella or canopy, planting trailing and creeping plants that grow over a pergola or even planting trees but of course, these could take some time to mature.

Colour, texture, height
When choosing pots and plants think about these three points to create interest in your outdoor space. Would you like a minimalist cohesive look when it comes to colours of plants and pots or a more eclectic mix? Think about the contrast between plants and flowers and then add in consideration to the height that they will grow to. On a balcony a tall plant will help to create a screen that provides privacy. Whether you are an expert or a beginner you can find lots of advice and tips when it comes to plants and what to pick at your local garden centre or online.

Seating area
Creating an area to sit and relax is vital for you to really unwind in your outdoor space. There are so many choices and options when it comes to choosing the perfect seating or dining set that it really does come down to personal taste and the size of the space you have. Folding furniture or beanbags are a great option for balconies and considering a hammock in a larger garden could really add a new dimension for relaxation.

Whatever you choose to create your outdoor space make it personal, practical for you and most importantly allow yourself the time to relax and enjoy the benefits of spending time outdoors.

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