Orangery design inside and out

If you need more space but don’t want to move home then an orangery could be the right solution. Traditionally, an orangery is a brick-walled construction used to grow tropical flowers and fruits. Today, modern orangeries offer more privacy than conservatories and allow homeowners to gain additional living areas.

If an orangery sounds like it could work for your home then you must consider the various design options, inside and out.

Depending on the style of your home and the outside space available the exterior design and layout of an orangery will change. An expert double glazing company will be best-placed to advise you on what type of extension will work best for your property and, so long as you are speaking to a reputable firm with experience in designing and building orangeries, you should trust their guidance.

As well as ensuring your new orangery will fit in with your property, the design will depend a lot on how you plan to use the space. Whether it will become a playroom for the kids, a large dining room, an office or even a home gym or cinema will affect things such as where you need plug sockets, radiators, the kind of flooring and so on. When your design experts are coming up with plans it is important to be clear and ho0nest about how you expect to use the room so they can ensure it is a practical space.

Ventilation and lighting are important no matter how you use your orangery. When the design is being finalised it should take into account the natural sunlight and options for different weather conditions. Bi-fold doors are a great way to allow the air to circulate, but they must have certified energy efficient glazing so that heat does not escape when they are closed in the winter. Windows that can be opened to varying degrees, fans and air conditioning can all be considered in orangery design. And when you come to choose blinds you must also put some thought into this and consider how they will help to keep the space light and at a comfortable temperature.

Once your orangery is completed the finishing touches to the interior design will depend largely on your personal taste. Add lamps, carpet, rugs, furniture, tables and so on as required, and bear in mind that how you use the space may change over time so it can be beneficial to have some flexibility in how the room is laid out.

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