Why the patio door is still a classic

There are many classics in the world around us but when it comes to home improvements or alterations to windows and doors is there really a classic design or is new the best choice? What if you could have the best of both? A new classic that enhances your home and your style of living.

Here at Coral Window and Conservatories, we pride ourselves on bringing you the latest design features both in function and form. We know that a classic design never dates and with our excellent design features our windows and doors will not only provide an understated look they will also improve your home overall.

All of our glazing products provide your property with increased security included as a part of the latest features such as hinge bolt locks, internal beading and more are incorporated into the designs. What’s more, our windows and doors will enhance the energy performance of your home helping to reduce your energy bills meaning more money can be spent enjoying living.

Therefore, with excellent A rated energy efficient glazing and improved home security features as standard in all of our designs why choose the classic patio door for your home alterations or improvements?

The patio door is a classic that will never go out of fashion. Why? Because it’s a simple, clean design that is practical and has minimal restrictions when it comes to blocking views. Not only are the designs simple and clean, they are space saving and allow for maximum light to flood your property due to the large glazed areas.

We know that a light, airy living space can improve mood and wellbeing so making a simple change such as adding a patio door to your living space really could benefit you and your home in more ways than first realised.

The space-saving design of the doors, which smoothly slide parallel, means you never lose valuable living space inside while the design allows for a space to be fully opened up into a garden or outdoor area allowing the outside in.

In some cases, patio doors don’t lead directly onto an outside space but create an extended link between a conservatory or extension. This can allow for a seamless link between the living spaces, while it can also be closed off to separate areas and improve security when needed.

Whether you own a contemporary property or have a more traditional built home a patio door can work for you. We have so many choices when it comes to choosing patio door frame colours and glazing options.

Our styling options can work cohesively with your existing property or add a contrast and a new look to your home. Whatever you choose you can be sure that we will provide a quality product that will look good, perform well, be long lasting and be uniquely installed to your home’s requirements.

Sometimes the simplest designs really are the best when it comes to a clean, fuss-free aesthetic that is practical and stylish. The patio door really does tick all the boxes, an improved classic that will stand the test of time.

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