Quick and easy style updates for your home

Having a change and creating a new aesthetic for your home needn’t mean taking a whole weekend to complete DIY and spending a fortune in the process, you can easily create a new appearance by following these quick and easy ideas to give your home that fresh new look you have been after.

Firstly no matter how big or small the property you live in having a good clean and tidy up inside and out will definitely create a fresh home to style up. Don’t forget to give those windows and doors a good clean too as this will instantly brighten up any space by allowing more light to flood in and give you a squeaky clean outlook to enjoy whatever the weather.

With our guide, you will find a few ideas to help get you started…

Move the furniture
Simply by changing the layout of your room, you can create a whole new look overall. Think about how light flows around the space to ensure that bulky dark pieces of furniture don’t absorb all that positive mood-boosting sunshine. Don’t be afraid to swap items of furniture from other rooms as this can instantly create a nice change.

Add something green
Plants are an instant way to add both colour and style to your home and it couldn’t be easier to access an excellent range as they are everywhere at the minute. Whether it is a small coffee table cacti or a large dramatic floor plant choose something easy to look after and that makes you smile. Did you know some species even purify the air?

Change the accessories
Accessories such as cushions, throws and photos/artwork all help to give a room a finished look and by swapping items from another area of your home or buying some new cushion covers, for example, you could instantly add a new look for very little cost. If you want to make things really cost-effective think about the other colours and textures in your house then whatever you choose you can mix and style up rooms easily by having a change around every now and again.

Changing accessories is also a quick and inexpensive way to change a theme in a room, for example if your kitchen currently has a vintage theme but you fancy some of the bolder tropical prints why not buy some new tea towels and storage jars for your kitchen worktop as a quick and easy way to bring a new look in. Don’t forget that if you still like the old look but just fancied a change keep hold of the previous accessories for a new look at a later date, if you know they won’t be used again donate them to a charity shop as they may help someone else create their style.

A little DIY
DIY doesn’t have to mean a large scale project it could be as simple as upcycling a chest of draws by changing the draw handles to create a new aesthetic or it could mean painting a single wall or chimney breast to add a new colour to a space. Whatever you choose to do, prepare your workspace and surface first to be sure of a high-quality finish.

Creating a new look for your home should be a fun and rewarding process so no matter what style you choose, enjoy. And don’t forget that your new space should be relaxing and make you smile each and every day.

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