The houseplant

Houseplants are definitely having a moment right now and no matter where you go whether it is an interior design store, local supermarket or even the local market you are sure to come across a broad range of plants to purchase. You may be wondering why the humble houseplant is having a boom in interior trends and styles as surely it is just a plant in a pot that sits on a surface.

Not quite, the houseplant has a lot going for it in so many ways including brightening up a living space, adding interest such as texture and height to a room’s dynamics, creating a positive environment beneficial for our health and wellbeing and some varieties even purify the air we breathe. Not a bad little accessory for your home if you choose the right one for you.

There really is such a vast range of plants to choose from and some are more low maintenance than others. No matter which one you choose the benefits of a pop of green foliage in a room will definitely brighten up any living space new or old; but where do you begin when choosing a houseplant?

Well the first things to think about are the location you intend to place your plant and what style of plant would you like? Would you like to create a display of hanging plants in pots? Create a coffee table display or add in a tall dramatic floor plant? Maybe you just know you would like something green but are hoping the plant will choose you when you go looking. Either way, taking a little time to consider these points will make choosing the right plant easier especially if you have any restrictions such as north or south facing rooms and the amount of sunlight, for example.

With so many varieties to choose from, below you will find a few ideas to help you choose a houseplant that is just right for you…

Provide a great choice if you require low maintenance, no-nonsense kind of plant. Sculptural yet delicate cactus and mini cacti take on unique growth shapes and even provide delicate flowers on some varieties. Cacti are pretty robust and so are an excellent plant to choose if exploring houseplants for the first time.

Are a little similar to cactuses in that they are a hardy plant that are again very low maintenance. Succulents have fleshy/rubbery style leaves that hold water, juice or sap and come in a vast range of sizes and varieties. Aloe Vera is a great starter succulent plant for the home and even has health benefits, it is easy to grow and requires very little looking after.

These plants do not have a woody stem, they instead have softer stems that are often green. A great herbaceous evergreen plant for your new look would be a Sansevieria trifasciata sometimes known as a snake plant or mother in laws tongue. With many varieties to choose from including wispy thin stems or wider thicker stems, this is one plant that adds drama and is super easy to care for. With a range of heights in the different varieties, this is a good plant to display either on the floor or on a table or shelf.

Air plants (Tillandsia)
Require no soil or pots and use their roots to form a connection onto a surface. They can be placed in any container, display vase or even just placed on shelf or coffee table accessories. Tiny scales on the leaves absorb nutrients and moisture from the air meaning you really can give this plant a home anywhere! Some prefer a little dunk in water or a spray of water mist to stay healthy and due to them being from Central and South America they do prefer a warmer spot in the home but not necessarily direct sunlight.

Floor Plants
Anywhere you want to add drama and height add in a floor plant, with an endless choice to choose from you can be sure to find the perfect one for you. Great starter plants include Yucca, Monstera deliciosa (Swiss cheese plant) or Aspidistra elatior (cast iron plant). All are easy to care for and look great displayed in a range of pots or baskets.

Enhancing your living space with plants creates a relaxed atmosphere in any home so enjoy exploring the wonderful world of houseplants and embrace the greener things in life.

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