Top tips for keeping warm in the colder months

Howling wind, pouring rain, frosty gardens and icy outlooks. Yes it’s that time of year already, the stunning autumn colours are dropping and twiggy bare branches are showing, the winter months are creeping in and staying warm inside becomes a big temptation.

No matter how big or small your home keeping warm in the colder months is important for wellbeing and having a space that is welcoming and warming is important when the dark cold nights approach. Below are some top tips to help you keep warm this winter.

Windows and Doors
Firstly the easiest way to create a warmer home is by having good double glazing on all windows and doors. Here at Coral Windows and Conservatories, we have the latest designs in double glazing that will not only make your home more energy efficient it could also save you money on heating bills in the future. If your budget allows we even offer CL3 Triple glazing an even better way to enhance the thermal efficiency of your home. Not only does adding new windows and doors to your home create a warmer property it will also create a safer home due to our top of the range security features fitted as standard. External noise levels will also be reduced and all our designs are made to be low maintenance and long lasting.

Is an important part of keeping a property warm, ensure that your property has sufficient insulation fitted both in the walls of the building itself and in the loft. Contact a specialist to check what levels of insulation your home has and if it is at the maximum.
Stopping draughts is another way of enhancing the insulating qualities of your home. Add draught excluders to doors and replace lightweight window dressings with lined options to block draughts. If your property has wooden floors that in the winter create draughts add thick pile rugs to reduce this and create a cosy atmosphere.

Giving your boiler a check-up will ensure that it is functioning successfully and that it is less likely to let you down when you need it the most. Always ask a fully qualified professional to this job and keep all safety certificates relevant.

No matter what the size of your radiator if it is not maintained it won’t function to the best of its ability. Ensure that your heating is off, then bleed the radiator, this will allow for a much better result of warmth coming from the radiator when the heating is on. There are lots of tips and guides online for bleeding a radiator.

Move furniture away from radiators to allow heat to circulate the room successfully and avoid drying washing on them as this just absorbs all the heat leaving the room cooler.

Ensure that all rooms have thermostats fitted to radiators and that you know how to use them correctly to get the best results from your heating system.

Following these simple tips will help your home to hold heat better meaning you keep a lot warmer this winter, but if you still feel cool grab a cosy knitted jumper, call up a friend and share the warmth of friendship with a nice brew together.

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