Top window security no matter which design you choose

After taking what is likely to be a long time considering what changes you would like to make to your property and generating ideas on styles, prices and what will be the best value for money in the future, how much of that time did you spend considering the security features of your home improvements?

When deciding to make home improvements such as replacing and upgrading new windows it is important that you consider not only the design but also the functions and features that will provide you peace of mind, as well a brand new look for your home. Your home is your place of relaxation and in turn, your environment should feel welcoming, safe and secure.

At Coral Windows and Conservatories, we can provide all of the above. All of our windows are designed to be stylish, practical, economical, long lasting and most importantly secure. We know that investing in new windows is much more than creating a new look for your home and we can guarantee that all of our windows will be made specifically to suit and fit into your home perfectly through our tailor-made service while also providing you with added benefits such as improved economic performance for your home and security peace of mind.

No matter which design you choose whether it be a classic ‘Casement’ design in a vast range of styles, a ‘Georgian’ design that provides a classic or modern aesthetic, a ‘Tilt and Turn’ to allow a modern style of living with safety restrictions for opening or a ‘Sash Window’ with the latest modifications to prevent sticking and rattling, all will come with top of the range security features fitted as standard, because to us no matter what it looks like it should be safe. This also includes triple glazed windows which offer the very best in thermal performances for your home.

What makes our windows secure?

Each and every design is firstly made to measure to your home’s exact size creating a window that fits perfectly into your property. Then regardless of shape, colour, added window details or glazing option all of our windows have…

Internal Beading – this allows the glass to be held from the inside creating a seamless finish that is far more difficult to tamper with than if the glass was held from the outside.

Lockable Handles – all our windows feature lockable handles that ensure added peace of mind. Remember to keep keys out of view but ensure family members know the location in case use is required in an emergency.

Hinge Bolt Locks – often overlooked by many window companies is the ‘Hinge Bolt Lock’ that features on the hinge side of our window designs. This ensures that the hinged side of the window is as secure as the opening side which features ‘Shoot Bolt locks’.

With all these added security features our windows will not only look good and save you money in the future on energy bills, but they will also provide a home that is secure. A secure home creates peace of mind a vital requirement for happy living.

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