Upcycle to give a room a new look

Finally, the decorating is finished, the conservatory you have just added looks great for the summer, or that newly installed extension has done just the job adding valuable living space for your family, but now it’s time to finish off the room with furniture and accessories. Sometimes it is at this point the reality of the budget kicks in and you start to wonder if you really can have that stylish new look living space you have been dreaming of?

Choosing to upcycle pre-loved items of furniture and accessories is a great way to create a new look for less. Not only do you get a whole new aesthetic for your home you get to create a look that is totally unique.

There are so many different ways to upcycle a piece of furniture, picture frames, plant pots, soft furnishings or even the floorboards but the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective is to use paint where possible. A coat of paint can make a piece of furniture look completely different or stripping off layers of heavy varnish and revealing the raw wood textures can create a beautiful organic quality for a natural aesthetic.

You will find a lot of choice on the high street when it comes to choosing types of paint such as high gloss, sprays, one coat wonders, finishing wax’s and paints suitable for different surfaces so do your research first and don’t be afraid to seek advice from a professional before you begin.

Research and preparation is definitely the best way to achieve high-quality end results so ensure that once you have selected the item to upcycle and researched your ideas, prepare your work area and the surface of your chosen piece. If sanding is required be sure to ventilate the work area and wear protective goggles and masks. When using any primer, undercoat or topcoat paint continue to maintain good ventilation in the space as you work.

Another way to create a good end result is to purchase, where possible, good quality paintbrushes and tools as this will provide a more professional finish. If looked after well they will remain in good condition for future projects and last for many years.

Paint is a quick and easy option for upcycling but there are also many more ideas such as collage, upholstering, stencilling or even making some new cushion covers for existing cushion pads. Look online for inspiration and lots of great tips and tutorials for learning new skills to help you achieve your new look room.

Whatever item or style you choose, be brave and have a go, not only is it fun to learn a skill or achieve completing a project to look back on after, it can be a very relaxing way to spend a weekend. Take your upcycling item outdoors into the sunshine, put some music on and grab a brew and before you know it your new look room will be ready to share with family and friends.

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