Conservatory blinds: What you need to know

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Whether you are getting a new conservatory or have been enjoying the extra space for years, there is one small, but important, aspect that you must get right – the blinds. Blinds are vital to your enjoyment of your conservatory, so taking time to find the right ones is time well spent. It could also save you money.

Blinds come in many styles and can be made from many different materials. When shopping for blinds you will come across options such as Roman, vertical and Venetian; wood, fabric and metal. To a certain extent your choice will depend on personal taste, but you must also consider the pros and cons of the various options.

Most blinds will keep a conservatory cool by storing some of the heat that is produced from the sun’s rays hitting the windows. The blind material expands to store this heat, instead of allowing it to enter the conservatory and warm the air. Materials that are better at blocking the solar rays will be more efficient at keeping the conservatory cool. Some types of blind work slightly differently and reflect the sun’s light – these often have a silver backing.

Trapping or reflecting heat to help keep the conservatory cool in summer months is important, but some light has to be allowed through so that you don’t have to switch on the lights in the middle of the day! The spaces between the blinds, whether they run horizontally or vertically, allow light in, and the more gaps, the more lights. The angle of the slats or pleats of fabric can usually be adjusted, so you can control the amount of light that comes in.

Choosing the right blinds will allow you to make the most of your conservatory throughout the year and ensure it looks great. Furthermore, conservatory blinds may also help to lower your energy bills as the blinds can also help to keep heat in on cooler days by acting as an insulator. And by blocking as much or as little light as you choose you could also be able to turn lights off more often and reduce fading to your furniture.

These days, blinds are inexpensive and can be matched to the décor of your conservatory, so you really have no excuse for not fitting them and taking advantage of their many benefits. Shop around to find out about all the options and consider things such as ease of use, insulating quality and material to find the perfect blinds that you will love for years to come.

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