Finishing Touches To Bring Summer Into Your Home

The sun has us feeling completely refreshed and excited for hopefully a very long summer. It’s almost custom to want to refresh our wardrobes and our homes to encompass the change in season.

Many of us with our wardrobes and homes alike, never fully invest in a British summer – and we completely understand.

We’ve pulled together some of our tips to bring your home into the season, without breaking the bank and over-investing with no certainty as to when we might welcome back a touch of rain again.


Interior trends for the season have included embellishments and pops of colour. One of the best ways to do this in a tasteful and noncommittal way is to opt for adding small accents throughout your home. The two trends sit separately in many concepts, so we’d suggest going for one or the other. Textures include tassels, folded and distressed fabrics, and if you’re feeling adventurous, you could even go for bauble detailed designs.

If you invest in the cushion and the cushion covers, it’ll also allow you to regularly refresh by simply swapping the covers through the seasons – a great space saver too!


Throws have multiple uses and allow you to introduce texture into your homes. Whether you use them in the bedroom, the living room, or even in the garden on cooler summer evenings, a throw can change the dynamics of the room or space. With an all year-round benefit, investing in a throw or two is a great and simple idea to transform a space.


Foilage is particularly popular this season, with a ‘more is more’ approach. Flowers will always remind us of brighter days, so these will definitely make homes feel more summery and vibrant. A great low-maintenance houseplant is the Peace Lily – it really is one of the easiest to care for (and the work well for the office too!).


Yes – you can make your home smell just like summer. Interior design done well will touch upon all of your senses, with tactile fabrics, vibrant and/or moody aesthetics, a playlist to fit the occasion and a scent, or a series of scents to capture the ambience. Choosing a citrus or floral based fragrance – in the form of a room spray, candle or diffuser – will create the settling and trigger memories of the season.

Clean windows

Nothing says summer quite like bright skies and beautifully cleaned windows to enjoy it all through. Waking up to natural sunlight is one of the many benefits of the season. It’s also the time when we might notice that our windows aren’t looking so fresh!

To care for your windows, fight the urge to leave them to dry naturally after cleaning – this will help to prevent smears and ensure that both frame and glass are dried thoroughly.

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