Quick & Easy Ideas To Freshen Your Home In January

Christmas is but a distant memory and the New Year is the time for change – No more chocolate for breakfast? Check. That illusive gym membership? Check. Treating your feet to those new socks? Double check.

But we often focus on ourselves in the New Year often forgetting that freshening up our home can be just as good as freshening up our body. So we’ve rounded up a few tips on how you can freshen up your home this New Year.


First check the drawers one by one. Clear out any old carrier bags, Tupperware lids and all of those other things that have been hanging around for months.

Next up is the fridge, shelves and the pantry. Check the sell by dates of all of your food and bin anything that’s passed its date. Ditch tins of food that you’re not going to use (we’re looking at you, kidney beans).

Last but not least it’s the newspapers and magazines. Cut out any recipes and ideas you want to save and throw them all away.



Leaving flowers by the front door can help draw fresh smells throughout the house whenever people pop in and out. Jasmine is an ideal flower to keep by the front door with a powerful but delicate scent. Keep lavender by the window to let the occasional scent into the room when windows are opened, bringing in fresh air and a fresh scent.

vase with jasmine flowers

New cushions

If anything can top crisp, clean cushions, it’s crisp, clean, fresh cushions. Shrug off those deep Christmas colours with lighter and brighter cushion cases.


If you didn’t already get enough candles for Christmas now is the time to stock up with most candle manufacturers offering big discounts in January sales. Move away from the heady scents of Christmas and look towards lighter scents such as pink sands by Yankee Candles which is light and refreshing.


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