Interior design projects for the weekend

Interior design projects for the weekend

If you ever find yourself at a loose end over a weekend, or have some time off work and don’t know what to do, then an interior design project could be the answer. In just a couple of days you could complete a project that transforms a room in your home and gives it a new lease of life.
Below are our top weekend interior design projects for various rooms in the house.


Make your own headboard, or cover an old one. If you have woodworking tools and are confident in using them then you could carve out a brand new headboard. Or you could upcycle an old one (either one you have or one from a flea market/antique fair) with a luxury or fun fabric. All you need for this is a good staple gun.

Dining room

If your hardwood or laminate floor is looking a little tired then paint a design on to it. Use a stencil, or do it free-hand if you’re feeling arty, to create a border or a painted-on centre piece. Seal your design with hard-wearing varnish then stand back and admire.


Head out for a day at the seaside and collect as many shells as you can find. When you get home use these to make a unique shell mirror. You can easily attach them to a plain frame with tiling cement, and the kids can help too.


This is probably the busiest room in the house so why not create a focal point noticeboard so everyone in the family can keep track of each other. You could simply stick things on to the frame of an existing board, or create a new one from scratch out of fabric, wadding and MDF.

Living room

Get out the sewing machine and whip up some cushion covers – they’re not as tricky as you might think. Or why not start on a quilt or crochet blanket. This might take a bit longer than a weekend but it will be well worth the time and effort when you can snuggle under it next winter.

Any room

There are all sorts of things you can do throughout the house too, such as:
• Fitting new door handles
• Buying new lampshades and light fittings
• Giving old wooden furniture an antique makeover by sanding, painting and sanding again
• Creating a feature wall with a bold wallpaper or bright paint colour

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