Top tips for styling a room

Whether you have just moved into a new home, recently had a new conservatory, windows or doors fitted or simply fancy a change, styling a living space really can add a whole new dimension to your surroundings creating a fresh living environment that will not only look good but could also improve wellbeing.

Think about the room you would like to change, what is your very first reaction the minute you step inside the space? Is it one of shock at how unorganised it is? Is it how dark and gloomy the room looks? Is it maybe how confused and lacking in identity it is? No matter what the answer we have some excellent tips to help you style up your living space to make your home not only comfortable but also enhance relaxation and create the perfect space, totally unique to you.

When styling space there are some really easy key points to focus on that will help you create the perfect living space totally relevant to you and your family’s needs or requirements. Remember this isn’t about following the latest trends but about using your living space in the best possible ways.

When a room is light it creates the illusion of space which helps to open up a living area. Focus on how the light appears in your room, do heavy curtains, drapes or dusty blinds block out lots of window light? Does your furniture absorb the light making the space appear smaller? Light has such a big impact on our mood it really is important to consider how light affects your room. By changing window dressings, cleaning down windows and sills and dusting blinds you could instantly improve the power of light on your living space. Rearranging the furniture and adding in a mirror will instantly help light to flow around the environment.

Remember to look at artificial lighting too, maybe a change of lampshade or adding in an extra lamp could enhance the light in the room further.

Space and storage
Creating a spacious room is the perfect way to make a room not only look good but also feel good when you enter it. If your property features period details enhance these by allowing them to become focal points within the room. Think about the furniture in the space, do you really need it all? Are some pieces taking up a lot of space but not actually serving much purpose? Ensure that your furniture really does enhance storage, if you live in a home with alcoves think about developing shelving or cupboards within these instead of having extra cupboards and book storage separately. By decluttering an area of unused furniture you can really open up a space creating a larger living environment and combined with an improved flow of natural light. You may have started with a small room but what you’ll be left with is a space that appears much more spacious.

Look at your room and really pay close attention to the surfaces of coffee tables, shelves, cupboards and side tables, are each and every one covered with accessories, paperwork, books, magazines and even last night’s coffee mugs? Simply by restyling the surfaces in a room by clearing them, dusting them and rehoming items to their correct locations, you can really improve the aesthetics of a room. Nobody wants to look at the dirty mug from last night they would much rather relive the memories in the photo behind the mug, if you have framed it and placed it so, it must be meaningful and special to you.

When choosing items to style a room think about the personal meanings they hold to you, you don’t have to display everything at once, select items and wrap some up for storage then when you fancy a change swop things around. When grouping items together on a surface combine uneven numbers, for example, think ‘the power of 3’ a photograph, a plant and candle, think about different heights of objects and different surface qualities such as rough and smooth. This adds interest, detail and focal points to a surface.

A very personal aspect and not all colours suit all homes or individuals. This is where following trends need to be carefully considered, as just because you like the look of something in a recent magazine it doesn’t necessarily mean you will be able to live with it in your home for a long period of time. Take time to consider colour ideas and don’t be afraid to create mood boards and test colour samples if you are going for a completely new look. Colour is a great way to style up a room just remember to keep it unique to you.

Texture and pattern
These two elements really are a great way to add finishing touches to a room, to add style and enhance the features and individual look of your home. Whether it be by adding art, posters or prints, textile patterns or textures in cushions, throws, rugs or even carpets the world of interior accessories is vast and so carefully taking your time to style your living space is fine. It may even develop over a period of time as you come across the perfect accessories or are gifted items. Remember sometimes less is more, so really reflect on your room as a whole and think about how items will work together.

Remember… traditional, modern, contemporary or abstract it doesn’t matter what style of house you live in, the aesthetics of a living space have a big impact on relaxation and mood and combined they have a big impact on our wellbeing. Styling and creating a living space that fulfils both relaxation and has a positive impact on our mood is surely good to achieve as life can be busy, chaotic and stressful at times and our home should be the perfect escape.

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