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How To Decorate Your Windows For Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching and it’s time to start preparing for the hoards of sugar-fuelled children who will be eagerly approaching your house for edible treats! Some of us love Halloween, some loathe it, and if you’re one of the former you’ll know Halloween as an opportunity to ‘spookify’ your home, and there’s no place that’ll have more impact on passers-by than your windows! To provide some inspiration, we’ve listed our favourite ways to decorate your windows this Halloween.


Halloween is synonymous with the Jack-o’-lantern or, as it’s more commonly known, pumpkin carving. The Maori carved Gourds into lanterns over 700 years ago and it is said that the tradition of Halloween began in Ireland in the 19th century with turnips carved into ghosts and spirits. Today, we carve spooky faces into pumpkins, placing a candle inside and leaving them on our window sills for all to see.

Halloween pumpkin in the window

How to carve a pumpkin:

  1. Cut off the crown
  2. Scoop out the insides (you can save these for pumpkin pie if you’re feeling domesticated!)
  3. Draw a scary face or pattern on with a marker pen
  4. Cut out the marked face (always facing the knife away from you)
  5. Pop a tea light inside and admire your work!


Let’s face it, no one likes cobwebs. They’re sticky, they cling, and they signify the presence of spiders. The more cobwebs, the bigger the spider (or the larger the quantity!, but you don’t have to collect spiders to have cobwebs in your windows this Halloween.

cobwebs in the window

How to make (fake) cobwebs:

  1. Cotton batting – stretch it out and hang it on your window frames to give that authentic ‘lived-in’ look
  2. Buy a cobweb shooter – these can be bought in fancy dress shops and, closer to Halloween, may also be available in pound shops. Just point at your windows and spray!
  3. Build a pneumatic cobweb gun – not for the faint hearted (or the kids) but could be a weekend project for a dedicated parent or Halloween fanatic


Spooky stencils are the easiest and cheapest way of decorating a window for Halloween. Our top five stencils are:

  1. Black cats – in Medieval France black cats were considered bringers of bad luck and curses and, for some, the superstition still remains…
  2. Skeletons – what’s scarier than the insides of another person?
  3. Bats – lurking in the darkness and only coming out at night, bats, and vampire bats in particular, make the perfect Halloween window decoration
  4. Ghosts – the souls of people stuck on earth in another worldly form – pretty scary right?
  5. Witches – witchcraft was declared a capital offence in Britain in 1563 and half a millennium later the idea of witchcraft (and wizardry) is more popular than ever

A wicked witch in a candlelit window, framed with cobwebs and a sinister pumpkin, will make your window dressing the talk of the town this Halloween.

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